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Name - What is Nicholas Fox’s full name?

Nicholas Fox

Role - What is Nicholas Fox’s role in your story?

The Con Artist

Age - How old is Nicholas Fox?


Gender - What is Nicholas Fox’s gender?


Full Name

Nicholas Jason Fox

Other names - What other aliases does Nicholas Fox go by?

Nich, Fox




Happy Few

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First Name

Nicholas (Nich)

First Name Meaning

People of Victory

First Name Pronunciation

Nick-oh-las (Nick)

Middle Name


Middle Name Meaning

To Heal

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Surname Meaning

Wild Dog

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Race - What is Nicholas Fox’s race?


Body Type

Stocky and broad-shouldered.

Weight - How much does Nicholas Fox weigh?


Skin Tone

Light with some freckles

Height - How tall is Nicholas Fox?

5'7.5", although he often lies and says he's taller.

Hair Color - What color is Nicholas Fox’s hair?


Eye Color - What is Nicholas Fox’s eye color?

Jade green

Hair Style - How does Nicholas Fox style their hair?

A bit tousled, usually on purpose.

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Nicholas Fox have?


Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Nicholas Fox have?

Two scars; one through his left eyebrow (from being hit across the face with the butt of a rifle) and the other on his right shoulder (from being shot). Two fingers (ring and pinkie) on his right hand are slightly crooked, as is his nose, from being broken when he was in prison.

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Personality type - What personality type is Nicholas Fox?

Nich is very charismatic and outgoing, and uses these traits to his advantage. He's protective of his younger cousins, and isn't opposed to being the one to risk his neck (in theory, anyways.) He can talk his way into or out of just about any situation. Self-confident to the point of arrogance, he talks more than he thinks and tends to brag a lot. Masks his worries and insecurities with bravado, which rarely breaks. He keeps up a jokey and seemingly calm facade through nearly everything. Nich is stubborn to a fault, as well as very outgoing and charismatic. More street smart than book smart, he's intelligent but doesn't put it to much use. Always up to offer a snarky remark as opposed to actual advice, he's surprisingly loyal to his friends. Loudmouthed and absolutely unwilling to show weakness, unless he can play it to his advantage. Constantly coming up with plans in case something goes wrong, he's not exactly one to stick around when things go south. He enjoys getting a rise out of people (especially Samuel Shafton), and banter is present in nearly all of his relationships. Good-looking and he knows it, and definitely uses it to his advantage when it comes to charming people out of their cash and prized possessions. He's pretty good at staying calm in tough situations, and as a general rule if Nich is panicking, everyone should be panicking. If he feels like his life is actually being threatened, he refuses to go down without a fight.

Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Nicholas Fox have?

Tends to use a lot of hand motions while talking. Naturally has a pretty soft and quiet voice, but he usually puts on a more dynamic voice when talking to marks. Notably, he actually talks in that voice more than his natural one, which only comes through when he's incredibly thrown off of his game or panicked. While he's quick to drape his arm over someone's shoulder or pat them on the back and such, he reacts very strongly to others touching him out of the blue, and will usually jerk out of their grasp even if it's someone he knows.

Skills and Hobbies

Lying, stealing, strategy, and improvisational thinking.

Motivations - What motivates Nicholas Fox most?

To get rich quick. Oh, and take care of his cousins.

Hobbies - What hobbies does Nicholas Fox have?

Picked up whittling for a bit after his first shoulder injury, but drops the hobby soon after. He's a decent mechanic, and sometimes takes on odd jobs if he needs extra cash.

Flaws - What flaws does Nicholas Fox have?

Tends to be kind of a jerk to almost everyone at first, and doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut. He talks a lot, and usually doesn't provide anything helpful or serious to the conversation. He's not great at taking things seriously, and tends to be self-centered. He's a thief and a con artist and really doesn't have any regret for that, in fact he gets a kick out of it. Arrogant. He runs from a fight if he doesn't think he'll win, but he fights dirty if he's attacked.

Prejudices - What prejudices does Nicholas Fox have?

He distrusts most people initially, mostly due to being betrayed by his last group of allies, as well as most upper-class people.

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Favorite possession - What is Nicholas Fox’s favorite possession?

His father's beaten up and dented silver pocketwatch.

Lovers (Current and Past)



Joan Walters (cousin)
Nella Walters (cousin)
Jason Fox (father)
Lily Fox (mother)
Anna Walters (aunt)
Lucas Walters (uncle)

Favorite or Associated Animal

A fox, naturally.

Favorite weapon - What is Nicholas Fox’s favorite weapon?

Generally tries to talk his way out of situations. He doesn't keep weapons on himself since he tends to do most of the thievery out of his cousins and if he's caught he'd get jailed for longer if he had a weapon on him.

Occupation - What is Nicholas Fox’s occupation?

Con artist

Politics - What politics does Nicholas Fox have?

Honestly just doesn't really care. He grew up in Creston, which more or less doesn't have a centralized government and finds the very authoritarian Twyllo to be extremely stifling and just plain odd.
As far as Creston goes, he's generally neutral on the mobs. He doesn't like them, but he was also in one as a teen and understands the desperation that drives people to them. As long as they don't mess with him, he's fine. He'd like it if Creston also raised the minimum wage, but he's not about to go out and try to rally for the cause.
As for Twyllo, he finds it super eerie and almost Stepfordian (which doesn't exist in this setting, and even if it did, he wouldn't have read it).

Favorite or Associated Color

Mint green

Favorite food - What is Nicholas Fox’s favorite food?



Joan Walters: Joan is the older of Nich's cousins, though still younger than him. The two trust each other, but both butt heads quite a lot. Their relationship is a bit tense; though they do love each other, they rarely get alone. Both very strong-willed, and generally clash in regards to Nella Walters.
Nella Walters: Nell is the younger of Nich's cousins, and sees Nich as more of an older brother than a cousin, a fact that slightly irritates Joan (while Joan sees him as part of the family, she still is closer to Nell and doesn't like the idea of Nich "breaking up" their sisterhood). They generally get along very well, although his protectiveness over her starts to annoy her as she ages and becomes more able and willing to fend for herself.
Therese Warren: While they initially are quick to snap at each other, Therese and Nich become friends during their escape from jail. Though they bicker, it shifts from genuine vitriol to good fun as they grow closer. Therese sees Nich as the older brother figure that she lacked in Oliver Warren, her actual brother who she was never close to.
Samuel Shafton: Initial dislike on both sides; Nich finds Samuel to be incredibly pompous and irritating, and Samuel finds Nich insufferable and dislikes his looser morals. Much like with Therese, Nich and Samuel slowly become friends, though they still bicker like an old married couple.
Oliver Warren: Oliver and Nich barely interact, but their few meetings aren't too pleasant. Their interactions are tense, as Oliver isn't really one to joke or be joked about.
Jonathan Revis: Jon and Nich interact more than Nich and Oliver, and while they aren't close friends, they're amicable enough. They get to know each other a bit more when they're both injured.
Margot Linell: Again, they're not especially close but they do occasionally interact. They get along pretty well, however.
Darius Scott: They begrudgingly don't hate each other after the Creston mission, but aren't really friends. Their personalities clash very badly, and Darius has a lot of disdain for Nich based on his, well, everything.
Marcus Revis: If Marcus is the dad of the rebellion, then Nich is the problem child. They get along surprisingly well, although Marcus doesn't hesitate to put him in his place on occasion. Nich respects Marcus, and sees him as almost a father figure once he's "accepted" into the rebellion. Besides Carrie, Marcus is the only person who knows the extent of what Nich went through during his time with Alexei Mourton's gang and the resulting prison time.
Caroline Kitson: Nich and Carrie (who he calls Kit) are childhood best friends. While their full backstory is listed under "History", the two eventually fell in with a gang led by Alexei Mourton. Nich was very defensive of Carrie and would often get into bad encounters on her behalf. Mourton eventually turned them against each other, and Carrie ended up fleeing to Ehre while Nich was left bleeding out in an alleyway.
Alexei Mourton, and his gang: Nich always found Mourton to be very offputting and creepy, but saw no other option than joining his gang. The two were often at odds, and Carrie was more or less Nich's only ally. Mourton grew irritated of Nich and Carrie's allyship, and slowly began to turn them against each other. When a bank robbery gone wrong saw most of the gang killed or (in some cases, re-) arrested, Mourton and Nich got away and hid together in an alleyway, whereupon Mourton stole what money Nich had gotten and shot him from behind, aiming for his back but hitting his shoulder, and left him to die before getting arrested himself.


  • Despite being a thief and a con artist, Nich doesn't carry a weapon and is very adverse to killing. He's never killed anyone directly, even in self-defense.

  • Very bad with blood. He gets very nauseous and may even pass out if there's a lot.

  • While his number-one thing to steal is obviously money, he also likes to steal watches, especially pocket watches.

  • While he can read, he's not particularly good at it. Carrie is the only one who knows this, although Samuel finds out later, much to Nich's chagrin.

  • Relating to the above point, he likes to have maps on-hand and tries to memorize the layout of a place so that he doesn't need to rely on the street signs.

  • On that note, he can drive and isn't too bad at it. The car models in his setting aren't very good, but he can hotwire them. He's a bit rusty, since he hasn't stolen a car since being with the Mourton gang, but and doesn't have one of his own, but passable.

  • Insecure and slightly bitter about his height (especially after his time with the Mourton gang), which is a big part of why he teases Therese for being short. He usually lies when people ask him how tall he is, as mentioned in the "Appearance" section. And yes, he's definitely annoyed that both of his younger cousins have a few inches on him.

  • On that note, while he isn't insecure in his build, it does slightly bother him that he's more filled-out than his cousins. Although he knows that it's just a difference in build (stocky vs willowy) and his weight is actually a bit below average, he's always worried that people look at the three of them and assume that he's neglecting them.

  • He's left-handed, which ends up being very bad when Mourton dislocates (and then shoots) his left shoulder.

  • When he's sick, he tries to get everyone to baby him. However, when he's injured he hates it when people try to help him with things. On that note, he hates being injured since he sees himself as the protector for his loved ones and doesn't like that role being reversed.

  • Although he talks a big game about how he's a thief and shouldn't be trusted and how he values money and thrills above everything else, he could never truly abandon the people he cares about and is willing to throw himself into the line of fire for them.

  • Given his father's...interesting past, it's incredibly likely that the name "Jason Fox" was just another pseudonym for the con man/thief and by sheer coincidence happened to be the one he was using when he met Lily Flute.

  • Looks almost exactly like his father. The only noticeable differences is that he's shorter and that he has freckles like his mother did.

  • Solely goes by Nich or Fox, never by Nicholas.

info History
Background - What is Nicholas Fox’s background?

Nich's parents were Lily Flute and Jason Fox, a well-renowned con man himself who managed to woo the more well off Lily, who eloped with him. Nich was born shortly after, and raised in Creston, meeting his younger cousins (Nell and Joan Walters) a few times before losing touch as a child. His neighbor and closest friend was Carrie Kitson, and when a "freak accident" (really a disgruntled ex-business partner of Jason's) destroyed their homes at age 14, the two of them set off to find somewhere to stay in the very urban country. The two soon fell in with Alexei Mourton, an old family friend who valued the pair's quick thinking and determination. Nich made a name for himself as a con man and thief in his own right, as did Carrie. The two of them stuck together, as they were the youngest members of the gang, and were nearly inseparable. They briefly tried being together as a couple before Carrie realized she wasn’t into guys and Nich realized he wasn’t into anyone. They stayed fairly comfortable in the gang for two years as they pickpocketed people, ran a few short cons, and even stole a car, but everything changed when the gang piled into two cars during an escape. Carrie, Mourton, and a few others were in the first car, and Nich and the rest of the gang were in the second. Armed soldiers from Twyllo happened to be patrolling that night and shot out the tires in the second car, arresting everyone in it, including a then-sixteen year old Nich. Despite being a minor, he was tried as an adult since he had been the driver and was found guilty, being sent to the same prison as the others. Nich was a frequent target of abuse given his youth and lack of size, and the Mourton gang members mostly turned a blind eye. However, after being in prison for four months, two much bigger prisoners assaulted Nich. He attempted to fight back, and ended up with two broken fingers, a badly sprained wrist, a broken jaw, a broken nose, and a black eye. This ended up being the tipping point for the rest of the gang, who killed the other two men. Nich was quickly moved to a more solitary area to recover and the other Mourton gang members were sequestered off. As it happened, this ended up being the day that Alexei Mourton returned to break out his fellow gang members. Carrie came along and split off from the rest once she realized that Nich wasn’t with the rest of the gang. She helped him to safety, but was berated by Mourton for it, since her abandonment of him and the others had led to two of them getting killed in a shootout. Carrie was understandably pissed at Mourton, but Nich urged her not to bother with revenge. It took him months to fully recover, and some of his more minor injuries--namely the broken fingers and nose--were never fully treated, leaving them a bit crooked. Slowly Mourton began to turn the two against each other in an attempt to strengthen himself, ultimately peaking in a bank robbery gone wrong that led to Nich being shot in the shoulder and left for dead, and Carrie running away to Ehre. Fortunately for Nich, Nell and Joan Walters ended up finding him before he was too badly weakened, and helped him recover before joining him as thieves. They fled to another city and alternated between petty theft, short cons, and long cons for years, slipping from safehouse to safehouse and slowly trying to make a semi-stable life for themselves while remaining out of jail. The three of them mostly stuck to Creston, but around four years after they started working together, Nich learned that Mourton had broken out of custody. Knowing that Mourton would likely come after him, Nich fled to Twyllo with Joan and Nell, which is where the story starts.

Education - What is Nicholas Fox’s level of education?

Mostly self-taught, up to age 13 regular education.

Birthday - When is Nicholas Fox’s birthday?

November 27th


Lily and Jason Fox.

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