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Name - What is Margot Linell’s full name?

Margot Linell

Role - What is Margot Linell’s role in your story?

The Seamstress

Age - How old is Margot Linell?


Gender - What is Margot Linell’s gender?


Full Name

Margot Anne Linell

Other names - What other aliases does Margot Linell go by?

Miss Linell, Meg


The rebellion, although she doesn't identify with them publicly for her own safety.


Annie Lewis, for when she's writing political exposes to send to Creston.


Happy Few

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Lake, Pool

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Race - What is Margot Linell’s race?


Body Type

Short-ish, curvy, wide hips. Could be called chubby.

Weight - How much does Margot Linell weigh?

Above average

Skin Tone

Medium brown with cool undertones.

Height - How tall is Margot Linell?


Hair Color - What color is Margot Linell’s hair?

Dark brown

Eye Color - What is Margot Linell’s eye color?

Dark brown

Hair Style - How does Margot Linell style their hair?

Long hair, wavy. Usually down, but she enjoys wearing it up, too. Reaches her midback.

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Margot Linell have?


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Personality type - What personality type is Margot Linell?

Margot seems a bit cold, but under her icy exterior is a young woman who has had her trust broken a few too many times. A certified cynic, she's very introverted and quiet, often so much so that you forget that she's there. She speaks less than she listens, and always keeps her eyes open for useful clues and information. Despite her intelligence, people tend to write her off as clueless, due to her love of fashion and her well-known messy breakup with Ilona Tobit and later Darius Scott in her late teens. While she doesn't often show it in public, she's witty and fun to speak with. Clever with a keen eye for detail.

Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Margot Linell have?

A skilled multitasker, she'll often be working on a piece of embroidery while speaking. Very subtle with her body language.

Skills and Hobbies

Sewing, spying, charisma, design.

Motivations - What motivates Margot Linell most?

To expose the corruption of the government, but keep her head firmly attached to her neck.

Hobbies - What hobbies does Margot Linell have?

Designing and sewing clothes, especially dresses, going for walks and attending balls. Reading, especially reading plays. Typing up her almost-weekly exposes.

Flaws - What flaws does Margot Linell have?

A bit icy, keeps her emotions bottled up, sometimes can come off as snobby, hard to read. Pessimistic and cynical.

Prejudices - What prejudices does Margot Linell have?

That she can't come to anyone with her problems because they'll judge her, and that Victory Court is split firmly between tools and people who don't want to be there.

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Favorite possession - What is Margot Linell’s favorite possession?

Her sewing kit and her typewriter.

Closest Friend
Lovers (Current and Past)

Ilona Tobit (past)
Darius Scott (past)
Jonathan Revis (eventual; the two meet and begin a friendship that eventually turns to love, although neither are quite ready to formally "begin" a relationship yet)

Favorite or Associated Animal


Favorite weapon - What is Margot Linell’s favorite weapon?

Tends not to fight, but is adequate with a gun and her fists if need be.

Occupation - What is Margot Linell’s occupation?

Seamstress, secretly writes up articles on political corruption within Twyllo's government and hands them off to be smuggled into Creston.

Politics - What politics does Margot Linell have?

Less interested in a rebellion and more in exposing the government's corruption, but eventually joins up after her sister is nearly killed in an attempt to scare Margot into silence.

Favorite or Associated Color

Any and all shades of red.

Favorite food - What is Margot Linell’s favorite food?

Chocolate truffles


  • Margot makes almost everything she wears.

  • She's very quiet, and sometimes will go an entire day without talking if she's in the middle of a project.

  • Despite not going out much, she puts a lot of effort into her appearance, especially her hair and makeup.

  • Margot is fairly comfortable with her body type, although she does occasionally feel a bit self-conscious when around Julianna Marlott and her allies.

  • She found her cat when she was 18 and in a bit of a mental rut. The kitten was only a few weeks old, and so Margot took her in and raised her, naming her Leila.

  • She used to go by Meg when she was a child and teen, and then started to go almost solely by Margot as an adult.

  • Her old typewriter is one of her favorite possessions, and she values it above almost everything else.

  • She started her shop when she was 19, after falling really into sewing and design again.

  • Her home and her shop are the same building, not even really separated save for some tapestries that conceal her bedroom area.

  • She has a massive bookshelf, and organizes them by color.

  • Her house/shop has a ton of fancy little knickknacks laying around, as well as hand-made items.

  • She likes to find and repair broken items, whether they're clothing or fun little items.

  • She rarely gets rid of things, and instead repurposes them.

info History
Background - What is Margot Linell’s background?

The second and youngest child of two higher-ups in the government, Margot's parents fell ill and died when she was young. Her older sister Amira Linell took over raising her, and eventually joined the military. Margot took up sewing, and soon began to be sought out for both repairs and custom pieces. As Amira began to climb the ranks, she and Margot grew more distant, much to Margot's chagrin. She began to develop a close friendship and eventual romance with Ilona Tobit, a soldier around her age and a friend of Amira's before Ilona deserted the army and left to live in Creston. This heartbreak, along with growing feelings of loneliness and isolation made Margot draw more into herself. She had a brief, no-strings-attached relationship with Darius Scott while still hung up on Ilona (and while Darius was harboring feelings for Winifred Collins), but the two broke it off soon after. Margot began to see shifts in the people around her, and as she learned more about the workings of the higher government, she grew to dislike it even more than before. She took up writing political exposes under the pen name Annie Lewis (a take on her middle name and her grandmother's maiden name) and sending them to Creston to raise awareness of Twyllo's poor state.

Birthday - When is Margot Linell’s birthday?

May 26


Madeleine and Joshua Linell

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Pets - What pets does Margot Linell have?

Leila, a tortoiseshell cat

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