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Name - What is Jonathan Revis’s full name?

Jonathan Revis

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The Heart

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Full Name

Jonathan Marcus Revis

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The Twyllite Rebellion


Happy Few

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God Has Given

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Body Type

Average height, lean.

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Skin Tone

Light brown, cool undertones, very freckled.

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Hair Color - What color is Jonathan Revis’s hair?

Medium-dark brown

Eye Color - What is Jonathan Revis’s eye color?


Hair Style - How does Jonathan Revis style their hair?

Somewhere between curly and wavy, it's a bit shaggy in length.

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  • Takes a bullet to the arm while doing recon. Luckily it's barely a graze, and he's more or less fine.

  • During the standoff at the docks, Jon has the bad luck to be standing too close to one of the powdercans that's triggered by a stray shot. The resulting explosion sends him flying a few feet and injuring his wrist, as well as a bad concussion, a cut across the side of his head, and several abrasions to his cheek and hand where he hit the ground.

Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Jonathan Revis have?

Faint scar across his left cheekbone from his father throwing a beer bottle at him. It missed, but the resulting glass shards cut his face.

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Personality type - What personality type is Jonathan Revis?

Jon is a very kind and generous person. He is willing to sacrifice himself for his friends, and is very reckless, especially in battle, mainly due to his intense loyalty to the cause. He sometimes struggles with finding an identity outside of "the guy who's sister died for the rebellion" and outside of the rebellion in general, especially as the war goes on. When Oliver Warren is killed, Jon's entire worldview is forced to shift; although he knew the stakes before due to his sister's death, the relative ease with which the rebellion had been progressing at that point is shattered. His previous naivety and optimism all but vanish as he struggles to rebuild both the rebellion and his life after losing a friend. He also begins to deal more head-on with his slight inferiority complex; he already struggled with feeling like he could never live up to his sister's legacy, and in the wake of Oliver's death he begins to obsess over his belief that if he had just been faster, stronger, better, he could have saved Oliver.

Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Jonathan Revis have?

Uses hand motions fairly frequently (which tends to annoy his uncle Marcus Revis, since Jon doesn't always pay attention to what he's holding and he works as a waiter). Resting expression is a small smile.

Skills and Hobbies

Sketching, inspiring others. A very good person to talk to if you're upset, because he'll listen without judgement and offer a shoulder to cry on.

Motivations - What motivates Jonathan Revis most?

To make a better world and to avenge his late sister, Emily Rose Revis

Hobbies - What hobbies does Jonathan Revis have?

Sketching, bartending, planning a civilian uprising.

Flaws - What flaws does Jonathan Revis have?

Reckless, shortsighted, a bit of a doormat when he arrived in the main city but he grows out of it. A bit clumsy and not the best at focusing and staying serious. Optimistic to the point of assuming the best in most things, which can be bad. Falls into depression and cynicism when Oliver Warren is killed, which shatters his worldview. Deals with a slight inferiority complex, especially after Oliver's death; he obsesses over thinking that if he had just been stronger or better or faster he could have saved him.

Prejudices - What prejudices does Jonathan Revis have?

He is against many members of Victory Court (the wealthy section of Twyllo) and the Duchess's personal staff.

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Favorite possession - What is Jonathan Revis’s favorite possession?

A sunset painting that Emily Rose Revis made before she died

Lovers (Current and Past)

Oliver Warren (unrequited on Oliver's side)
Margot Linell (eventual; the two meet and begin a friendship that eventually turns to love, but neither are quite ready to formally "begin" a relationship.)


Emily Rose Revis (sister, deceased)
David Revis (father)
Lucia Revis (mother, deceased)
Marcus Revis (uncle)

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Favorite weapon - What is Jonathan Revis’s favorite weapon?

Rifle-like gun

Occupation - What is Jonathan Revis’s occupation?

Bartender, soldier

Politics - What politics does Jonathan Revis have?

A key player in the rebellion.

Favorite or Associated Color

Navy blue

Favorite food - What is Jonathan Revis’s favorite food?

Beef and barley soup, which he often makes.


Emily Rose Revis: Jon and Emily were very close growing up, despite her being four years older than him. Though they began to grow apart as Emily got older, the two of them still had a very close bond. Jon is still very effected by her death even six years after it occurs, and her death spurred his loyalty to the rebellion.
Darius Scott: Jon and Darius have a tumultuous relationship. They tend to clash due to their differences in beliefs. While both support the rebellion, Darius has a wealthy background that would keep him afloat if the rebels are found out. Although he is generally a big-picture idealist, Jon realizes that every little bit helps, and the two of them often argue about things like the necessity of stockpiling weapons and other resources, and focusing on evacuations as opposed to ambushes. Despite this, the two of them share a close bond that only grows stronger as the war progresses.
Oliver Warren: Jon and Oliver were fairly close in their youth, but grew apart when Emily was killed. When Jon returned to the city a few years later, the Oliver he met was quite different from the one he knew. Jon has a tendency to put Oliver on a pedestal, due both to longstanding trust and romantic feelings, and grants him concessions that he wouldn't to others. The two of them work together well, with Jon's optimism and kindness balancing out Oliver's cold exterior. Oliver's eventual death shakes Jon to the core, and is the only thing that threatens to upend his faith in the rebellion.
Marcus Revis: Marcus is the father figure that Jon lacked in his own father, who was often distant. He views Marcus as the father he never really considered himself having, and sees his as a figure of stability.
Ansel Beauregard: Jon sees Ansel as the younger brother he never had, and does his best to look out for him. Although he disapproves of Ansel's place in the rebellion, Jon accepts that it's where he's safest and focuses on trying to get him out of Twyllo and to a safehouse in Creston.
Margot Linell: Jon and Margot's relationship is a collection of stops and starts. The two of them initially met and began to grow close in the early days of the war, but were pulled apart when Amira Linell was presumed dead and fled to Creston, and Oliver Warren was killed in action. Margot ended up aiding others in the escape effort, where she and Jon met up again and rekindled their relationship, though it now lacks its initial first-love idealism (despite it not being the first love for either of them).


  • Jon almost always goes by Jon as opposed to Jonathan.

  • He's very interested in art, especially painting.

  • He plays the guitar, and sometimes plays it at the tavern. He taught himself how to play, and is very proud of his ability with it. He also sings, although not as much.

  • He enjoys climbing things, especially trees. He learned how at a young age, and though he's slightly out of practice, he's still good at it.

  • On a related note, Jon likes to climb onto the roof at night and just lay on it and watch the stars. It's a habit he started as a kid, and it sticks with him to adulthood.

  • He's very good at slipping out of places. Part of it is that he's not especially tall or big, and he's able to get a pretty good idea of how to get out of something, be it a window or having his hands tied back.

  • He used to wear his hair longer, but cut it once he gets to the city. He likes its current length, even if he does get a bit annoyed with having to push it out of his face.

  • Although he's fairly clumsy, Jon has never broken a bone.

  • He always carries a sketchbook in his satchel, along with a pencil and a pen. It comes in handy when he does recon missions, and he often takes it out and either sketches or doodles when he's bored.

  • He has trouble sitting still, and usually winds up bouncing his leg or fidgeting with his hands.

  • He also tends to slightly space out a lot, he's a daydreamer.

  • He really loves animals, and while he doesn't have any pets, he wants to get a dog.

  • He's an early riser, and also tends to go to bed early.

info History
Background - What is Jonathan Revis’s background?

The second and youngest child of David and Lucia Revis, Jon grew up on a farm outside of the capital city but inwards from the river that serves as a border between Creston and Twyllo. His sister Emily Rose Revis went off to school in the city to train for a government position, but Jon was never sent. He was homeschooled by his mother until she died in a farming accident when he was thirteen, and he taught himself from that point onward. Emily would return home for summers, now with her boyfriend Oliver Warren, who Jon developed a very persistent crush on. When he was sixteen, Emily was caught during a raid on a rebel meeting, and executed for treason. His father, already reeling from his wife's death, began to drink heavily and neglect his son. Jon left to live with his uncle Marcus Revis in the city at age seventeen, where he joined the rebellion.

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August 8


David and Lucia Revis
Marcus Revis could be considered his guardian

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