Samuel Shafton


Glorified Errand Boy
(Major Character, Twyllo)


Originally the Duchess, but joins the Twyllite rebellion.





Other names

Sam, Shafton, Glorified Errand Boy

Full Name

Samuel James Shafton


Biromantic Asexual

Hair Color



Identifying Marks

Long, pointed nose, fairly tall. Blushes easily.

Body Type

Tall and lanky, long-legged, skinny.

Skin Tone

Light, some freckles



Eye Color

Light brown

Facial Hair


Hair Style

Neatly styled, eventually gets more and more displaced as the story progresses


A bit below average




Writing speeches, public speaking if he's not caught off-guard, infiltration.




Tends to ramble on and on if he's nervous, also tends to stutter and stammer if he hasn't read through what he's announcing in advance or if he's worried or scared. Stands very tall and straight-backed, flinches a lot. Resting look is slightly concerned.


To stay on the Duchess's good side as long as possible, later to aid the rebellion.


Arrogant, pretentious, pompous, a bit self-centered, very bad about standing up for himself, anxious, easily frightened, easily embarrassed.


That most people in the rebellion are just misguided, and that he is indespensable to the Duchess.


Penmanship, reading, writing speeches for Duchess Marlott

Personality type

Samuel is initially arrogant and overconfident in his own abilities, but his world is shattered when the duchess forces him into the rebellion as her spy. He's an easily embarrassed perfectionist, and self-critical, but also is easily flustered and awkward. Very serious and a bit of a prude, he stands in stark contrast to Nicholas Fox when the two are sent on a mission to meet with allies in Creston. Despite being severely out of his depth and horribly misguided, Samuel does genuinely want to make the world a better place; he's just unsure of how to. While working with the Duchess and her tyrannical government, he is abused frequently and this trauma impacts him even after he leaves; he often catches himself justifying why he deserves what he gets, whether it's an insult or a stab wound, as long as it's coming from a higher-up in the government. He's in the odd position of being both self-loathing due to his perceived flaws (namely his stutter, which the Duchess and his higher-ups often mock him for) and also very confident in his position, viewing himself as untouchable as far as younger/lower-ranking officers are concerned.

Favorite possession

A fancy set of pens from his parents.


Percival Shafton (24, older brother)

Favorite animal

Barn owls

Favorite weapon

Words, words, words.

Favorite food


Favorite color



Speechwriter to Julianna Marlott


Initially sides with the Duchess, but eventually joins the rebellion.


  • Samuel's pen set is the only gift from his parents that he's held on to.

  • He only has room for one book shelf in his rather small bedroom, but he reads a lot, especially when it comes to plays.

  • He's spent years perfecting his handwriting, and it has definitely paid off.

  • He almost solely dresses formally; he rarely wears less than dress pants and shirts, suspenders, dress shoes, and occasionally a sweater.

  • He's very strict about his own (as well as other people's) grammar, and tends to speak in a very formal matter.

  • He's actually very insecure about his height; he doesn't like standing out in a crowd.

  • He's deathly afraid of heights, and slightly claustrophobic.

  • He also hates public speaking, and wasn't aware that his job would involve it when he took it.

  • He's very easily embarrassed and flustered, which is part of why he hates public speaking. His fear of slipping up makes his anxiety worse.

  • He has a stutter that he's tried very hard to suppress, but it's noticeable when he's anxious.

  • It takes Samuel a long time to come to terms with his sexuality, especially with his biromanticism.

  • He has an older brother named Percival. The two were close as children, but grew apart after Samuel drugged Percival in order to show up at an interview with Duchess Julianna Marlott in his place.

  • He drinks a lot of tea, as it helps to calm his nerves.

  • Very touch-adverse, due mostly to the unwanted handsiness he endures from the Duchess.

  • Major perfectionist, even a slight mistake can send him into a panic attack.


Being raised in constant competition with his older brother by their demanding and cruel parents, Samuel gained a position in Julianna Marlott's higher government at fourteen by poisoning his brother and taking his place in an interview that his parents had secured. He got the job and got away from his home, and he initially saw the structure and his relatively cushy position as a relief until he grew older and realized how unhealthy it was. He threw himself into his work, doing his best to avoid acknowledging that this new home was just as abusive as his old one before being sent into the rebellion as a spy after one of the Duchess's speeches is attacked by the rebellion. He finds an unexpected welcome with the rebels, and he slowly but surely begins to be more open to their ideals, especially when he's sent to meet with the Crestan allies and realizes just how deep the Marlott family's corruption and influence goes.

Traumatic/Life-Altering Events

  • Took a job for Duchess Marlott to escape his abusive and overdemanding parents, only to be mistreated more and earn a reputation as her yes-man. He constantly strives to be as successful as his brother, but can't ever seen to be in his parents' eyes.


Very high


February 19th


Elise and Michael Shafton


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