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Name - What is Caroline Kitson’s full name?

Caroline Kitson

Role - What is Caroline Kitson’s role in your story?

The Blacksmith

Age - How old is Caroline Kitson?


Gender - What is Caroline Kitson’s gender?


Full Name

Caroline Elizabeth Kitson

Other names - What other aliases does Caroline Kitson go by?

Carrie (by almost everyone), Kit (by Nicholas Fox)


Initially just herself, but slowly begins to side with Adalia Speranza


Untitled Ehre Story

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First Name Meaning

Free Man

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Middle Name


Middle Name Meaning

Pledged to God

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Surname Meaning

Son of Christopher

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face Looks
Race - What is Caroline Kitson’s race?


Body Type

Stocky and muscular, fairly short.

Weight - How much does Caroline Kitson weigh?

Above average

Skin Tone


Height - How tall is Caroline Kitson?


Hair Color - What color is Caroline Kitson’s hair?


Eye Color - What is Caroline Kitson’s eye color?

Olive green

Hair Style - How does Caroline Kitson style their hair?

Her hair is pretty bushy and thick, usually tied back in a ponytail or loose.


Occasionally has burns on her hands.

Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Caroline Kitson have?

Usually frowning, stands in a way that makes her seem bigger than she is.

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Personality type - What personality type is Caroline Kitson?

Carrie tends to be very standoffish and rude, often speaking mostly in snarky comments and before she thinks. She tends to be reckless when it comes to talking with her peers, but watches her mouth when around her superiors out of fear of punishment. She will stand up for what she believes in, but only if she knows it won't backfire horribly. Very loudmouthed and won't hesitate to get into a brawl, she puts a lot of effort into her muscles and fighting ability. She ends up being a second mentor to Lysander Dumont, much to her chagrin. She's a cynic, having grown up on the streets of Creston and having her dreams derailed at a young age, although as she grows closer to Ayla Thorn, she begins to open herself up more to hope.

Skills and Hobbies

Sword making and sword fighting, arm wrestling, good in a fight.

Motivations - What motivates Caroline Kitson most?

To lay low yet live a fulfilling life

Hobbies - What hobbies does Caroline Kitson have?

Blacksmithing, working out, goes out drinking on occasion.

Flaws - What flaws does Caroline Kitson have?

Aggressive, rude, brash, reckless. She thinks first and acts later, and doesn't often think things through. Very cynical.

Prejudices - What prejudices does Caroline Kitson have?

Against the government in general; she grew up in Creston and distrusts government officials.

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Favorite possession - What is Caroline Kitson’s favorite possession?

Her hammer.

Lovers (Current and Past)

Ayla Thorn (current)


Magdalene "Maggie" Kitson (aunt, deceased)

Favorite or Associated Animal


Favorite weapon - What is Caroline Kitson’s favorite weapon?

Her fists

Occupation - What is Caroline Kitson’s occupation?

Sword maker

Politics - What politics does Caroline Kitson have?

Not really any strong political convictions. She grew up in Creston before moving to Ehre after its political turmoil all but ended, and so doesn't really care about the Adalia Speranza VS Rosaline Sole conflict.

Favorite or Associated Color

Light green.

Favorite food - What is Caroline Kitson’s favorite food?

Whiskey. She counts it as a food.

info History
Background - What is Caroline Kitson’s background?

Carrie was born and raised in Creston. While her parents never had a ton of money, they could usually afford everything that they needed. When she was around eight, a new family moved in next door. Jason and Lily Fox, and their son Nich, who was her age. Carrie and Nich quickly became close friends, spending most of their free time together. When she was eleven, her father lost his job, and Jason offered a questionable alternative: Carrie's family could join in with his robberies and cons to get the money that they needed. Seeing no other options, Carrie's parents agreed. She and Nich dropped out of school at 13 to become petty thieves and start trying out small-time cons. When they were 14, their homes were destroyed in what seemed like a freak accident but was really a disgruntled former "business partner" of the Fox family's. The two of them set off to find somewhere to stay in the very urban country. They eventually fell in with Alexei Mourton, who valued the pair's quick thinking and determination. Carrie made a name for herself as a thief in her own right, as did Nich, which angered Mourton immensely. He turned the two against each other in an attempt to strengthen himself, which ultimately peaked in a bank robbery gone wrong that led to Nich being shot in the shoulder and left for dead, and Carrie running away to Ehre. She meant to find her aunt Maggie, but arrived to find that she had been killed six years prior.

Birthday - When is Caroline Kitson’s birthday?

April 30th


Alex and Janie Kitson

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