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Name - What is Lucas Talloran’s full name?

Lucas Talloran

Role - What is Lucas Talloran’s role in your story?

the friendly, shy-ish, easily concerned doctor.

Gender - What is Lucas Talloran’s gender?


Age - How old is Lucas Talloran?


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Personality type - What personality type is Lucas Talloran?

Ambivert, shy, caring, tries to help his friends

face Looks
Weight - How much does Lucas Talloran weigh?

126 lbs

Height - How tall is Lucas Talloran?


Hair Color - What color is Lucas Talloran’s hair?


Hair Style - How does Lucas Talloran style their hair?

Short, straight

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Lucas Talloran have?


Eye Color - What is Lucas Talloran’s eye color?

China blue

Race - What is Lucas Talloran’s race?


Skin Tone

Pale ivory

Body Type


groups Social
Favorite color - What is Lucas Talloran’s favorite color?

Light blue

Favorite possession - What is Lucas Talloran’s favorite possession?

Sunny and a picture of his family

Favorite weapon - What is Lucas Talloran’s favorite weapon?

His spear

Favorite animal - What is Lucas Talloran’s favorite animal?

Birds in general

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folder_open Abilities



His hand must be in constant contact with bare skin.

description - Describe Lucas Talloran.

He has the ability to alter and shape one's genes and body human or not, this process usually takes around 1 to 5 minutes. Yes, he can alter himself. He used this ability to create Sunny


If in contact with bare skin of human or animal for more than 5 minutes he may take a trait (human or animal) or body part (animal) of the human or animal, it is unaffected by self altering, it reverses in a month.
In the creation of Sunny it took 8 minutes, he grew two pairs of wings, the top pair is big enough for him to fly, the bottom pair is half the size.

breaking point

(later in the story)

Category: Active

Cause: Timeline in progress

Active - able to manipulate flesh to a higher degree

class type

hybrid (physiological/manipulator)

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