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Name - What is Charles Ridgewell’s full name?

Charles Ridgewell

Role - What is Charles Ridgewell’s role in your story?

The parental figure

Gender - What is Charles Ridgewell’s gender?


Age - How old is Charles Ridgewell?


fingerprint Nature
Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Charles Ridgewell have?

Usually waves his hand around when talking in general

Personality type - What personality type is Charles Ridgewell?

Extrovert, friendly, cheerful, caring


mild atrophy in right arm, part of right shoulder, and left forearm.

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Weight - How much does Charles Ridgewell weigh?

178 lbs

Height - How tall is Charles Ridgewell?


Hair Color - What color is Charles Ridgewell’s hair?

milk chocolate brown

Hair Style - How does Charles Ridgewell style their hair?

spiky-ish, short

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Charles Ridgewell have?

a short beard

Eye Color - What is Charles Ridgewell’s eye color?

honey brown

Race - What is Charles Ridgewell’s race?


Skin Tone


Body Type

trapezoidal, tall, and fit

Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Charles Ridgewell have?

Marks from very bad bruises that had stayed for 12 months. It envelops his right arm, parts of his right shoulder, and his left forearm. It is usually covered by his coat except for his hand.

groups Social
Favorite color - What is Charles Ridgewell’s favorite color?

golden brown

Favorite food - What is Charles Ridgewell’s favorite food?

cheese cake

Favorite possession - What is Charles Ridgewell’s favorite possession?

Pyöveli and his coat

Favorite weapon - What is Charles Ridgewell’s favorite weapon?
Favorite animal - What is Charles Ridgewell’s favorite animal?


date_range History
Background - What is Charles Ridgewell’s background?

And not too long after, he adopted a child, his name was Charles Ridgewell.

Unlike before he decided to stay within his reigion.

This does not mean he didn't get to wander and see the world, he joined the _ and started taking jobs and missions with his team around the world.

However, one mission in the _ started going badly, in the end, his team all but him died.

He broke down and reached his breaking point.

And so when all is said and done, mission accomplished, job done.

He saw two children.

He rescued them and brought

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Pets - What pets does Charles Ridgewell have?


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folder_open Abilities



hand contact, thoughts of activation.

description - Describe Charles Ridgewell.

when in contact with an object, and thinks of activation. Charles can charge the object with energy. However if too much energy is put into it, the object Bursts. it can be stopped when he lifts his hand off the object, however the charging phase usually lasts 6-10 seconds. when used with Pyöveli it can cause lots of damage.

also works with humans and animals.


Has no known drawbacks, however when power is stored in Pyöveli and builds up to massive proportion when released causes body parts in contact or nearby the sword to become debilitated.

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