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Name - What is Dennis Blaise’s full name?

Dennis Blaise

Other names - What other aliases does Dennis Blaise go by?

Dion, Blaise

Gender - What is Dennis Blaise’s gender?


Age - How old is Dennis Blaise?


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Flaws - What flaws does Dennis Blaise have?

Can be overconfident at times

Talents - What talents does Dennis Blaise have?

Naturally good at showmanship and interacting with people.

Personality type - What personality type is Dennis Blaise?

Extrovert, chaotic at times, friendly, loyal, optimistic.

face Looks
Height - How tall is Dennis Blaise?


Hair Color - What color is Dennis Blaise’s hair?


Hair Style - How does Dennis Blaise style their hair?

Fringe up

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Dennis Blaise have?


Eye Color - What is Dennis Blaise’s eye color?

Dark brown

Race - What is Dennis Blaise’s race?


Skin Tone

Rosy beige

Body Type

Rectangular-Trapezoidal, mix of both

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folder_open Abilities



Oxygen to fuel the flames

description - Describe Dennis Blaise.

The ability to create and manipulate fire, that's it.


Very high temperatures (white-blue) leave cracks in his skin that hurts.

breaking point

Category: Active

Cause: timeline in progress

Active - This causes him to set fire to everything around him, the fire is white-blue, he immune to it for the duration of the breaking point, can make friends immune.

note - he likes to call it "Hell's core"

class type

hybrid (manipulator/emmitter)

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