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Description - How would you describe a Sunny?

Lucas Talloran's pet hybrid

Type of creature - What type of animal is Sunny?

A hybrid made by Lucas Talloran.

pets Looks
Color - What colors does a Sunny come in?

Dark gray feathers for the body and light gray in the belly and between the fingers of the wings with light blue in small amounts in the wings, tail and head

Shape - How would you describe the shape of a Sunny?


Size - How big (or small) is the usual Sunny?

About the size of a adult wolf

Height - How tall is the usual Sunny?


Notable features - What physical features are most notable for Sunny?

Has three wings, and the blue feathers can glow in the dark

Materials - What materials (feathers, scales, etc) is Sunny made of?


fingerprint Traits
Aggressiveness - How aggressive is the average Sunny?


Method of attack - What methods does a Sunny use to attack?

He uses his claws and mouth to attach by flying by and clawing at them or biting them

Methods of defense - How does a Sunny defend itself from attackers?

Flying away

Maximum speed - How fast can a Sunny move?


Strengths - What are the notable strengths of Sunny?

Speed and agility

Weaknesses - What are the notable weaknesses of Sunny?

He needs three wings needed to fly because it is small, just disable one of them.

Sounds - What sounds does Sunny make?

A screech between a bird and a lizard

Spoils - When hunted, what spoils does a Sunny leave behind?

Meat and glow in the dark feathers

Strongest sense - What is Sunny's strongest sense?


location_on Habitat
Food sources - Where does Sunny find its food?

Either by hunting them himself or Lucas or one of his friends feed him

Migratory patterns - Does Sunny have any migratory patterns?

He just sticks around Lucas

Prey - What does Sunny prey on in its habitat?

Bird and small mammals

call_split Comparisons
timeline Evolution
Ancestors - What preceded Sunny? How has Sunny evolved over time?

A hawk and an unspecified lizard

Evolutionary drive - What drove Sunny to evolve over time?

Lucas Talloran's Biokenesis

scatter_plot Reproduction
Mating ritual - What is Sunny's mating ritual?

none as of now

bubble_chart Classification
edit Notes

This is Sunny, Lucas Talloran's pet hybrid that he made himself with his Biokenesis

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