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Name - What is Desmond Ludwig’s full name?

Desmond Ludwig

Gender - What is Desmond Ludwig’s gender?


Age - How old is Desmond Ludwig?


fingerprint Nature
Personality type - What personality type is Desmond Ludwig?

Extrovert, friendly, energetic, chaotic

face Looks
Weight - How much does Desmond Ludwig weigh?

136 lbs

Height - How tall is Desmond Ludwig?


Hair Color - What color is Desmond Ludwig’s hair?


Hair Style - How does Desmond Ludwig style their hair?


Facial Hair - What facial hair does Desmond Ludwig have?


Eye Color - What is Desmond Ludwig’s eye color?

Baby blue

Race - What is Desmond Ludwig’s race?


Skin Tone

Rose beige

Body Type

Thin, looks like he can run for a while

groups Social
Favorite color - What is Desmond Ludwig’s favorite color?


Favorite possession - What is Desmond Ludwig’s favorite possession?

His Railgun, mini handheld railgun and

Favorite weapon - What is Desmond Ludwig’s favorite weapon?


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device_hub Family
shopping_basket Inventory
edit Notes
folder_open Abilities

Enhanced inventing. (weapons, drones, and transport only)


Needs time and resources to create the things he came up with.

description - Describe Desmond Ludwig.

He has the ability to invent and create weapons, drones, and transport given enough time and resources.

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