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Name - What is James Talloran’s full name?

James Talloran

Role - What is James Talloran’s role in your story?

young tired stern yet kind temporary overseer

Gender - What is James Talloran’s gender?


Age - How old is James Talloran?


fingerprint Nature
Mannerisms - What mannerisms does James Talloran have?

- says "okay" to ignore the person annoying him

-hey did-
-hey I didn't e-
-i didn't ev-

Talents - What talents does James Talloran have?


Hobbies - What hobbies does James Talloran have?


Personality type - What personality type is James Talloran?

Introvert, quiet, tends to leave things alone, does not try to get involved with the chaos, pessimistic, constantly tired, does care but does not show it much, occasionally joins the chaos if he finds it interesting/enjoyable.


Is an insomniac, memory loss (nullified by cybernetics in the brain)

face Looks
Weight - How much does James Talloran weigh?

139 lbs

Height - How tall is James Talloran?


Hair Color - What color is James Talloran’s hair?


Hair Style - How does James Talloran style their hair?

Short, thick, straight, and unkempt

Facial Hair - What facial hair does James Talloran have?


Eye Color - What is James Talloran’s eye color?

China blue

Race - What is James Talloran’s race?


Skin Tone

pale ivory

Body Type


groups Social
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Favorite food - What is James Talloran’s favorite food?


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folder_open Abilities

Mind reading


People must be within 500 meters to be mind read

description - Describe James Talloran.

Category: Psychological, Passive

Exactly what you think it is. He knows where you are because reading minds tell him where they are, can see through the senses of a person if he concentrates on a specific person.


He can't turn it off, he gets weary because he can also hear the minds of criminals, murderers, rapists, and etc.

Also crams information into his mind, causes memory loss ( the brain can hold up to 300 years worth of memories, his power did not account for that.) {nullified by cybernetics in the brain}

breaking point

Category: Passive

Cause: the weight of failing to guide the team he was tasked with to victory, lots and lots of stress.

Passive - Able to see the memories of the person he concentrates on. He can also manipulate the memories of the person he is seeing (just bringing up the memories to the forefront of his mind)

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