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An old yet prestine-ish greatsword

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Damascus steel

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It is very hard to break, and absorbs energy to be released by the welder due to the creator's ability to reinforce, strengthen, and give abilities to his creations.

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This sword was created by _ so that he can give it to Lucian Ashton who commissioned it from him.

He needed it so that he can end a war that had been going on for 116 years.

When the war ended he was hailed as a hero.

Soon he got weary and old, and so he went on a journey around the world to see the sights around him.

He soon adopted a child, who then inherited Pyöveli when he died. he too wandered around the world as well.

The cycle continued, Pyöveli was passed from father to child and not too soon later found a way into Charles Ridgewell hands.

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