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I got inspo from this song:
Listen to the song if you wanna get a good take on character A.

Character A is a wealthy billionaire who falls madly in love with character B. The only problem is…B doesn’t love them back. What does character A do? Buy them off their family of course. Because who wouldn’t want thousands of dollars for a child they don’t even like?

Character B comes from an abusive, ‘poor’ family. More like greedy and cheep…but who’s to say? B has no interest in A at all…but is forced to move in with A and potentially marry them.

Who’s gonna win?

I need someone active and who can keep a rp going. I’ll try if you try! One liners are occasional if you have nothing else to say or do.

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Name: Roazin “Roa” Democratious
Age: 20
Gender: Male He/Him
Looks: Onyx hair, with a slight blue tint in direct sunlight. His hair is closely cropped on the sides and back while longer on the top. He has pale skin that burns easily in the sunlight. His eyes are golden, slightly almond shaped and framed with dark lashes. He stands at about five feet and six inches. He’s lean, slightly muscular and weighs about one-hundred sixty-five pounds.
Personality: Roa is quiet, and slightly timid. Though, when he’s comfortable, he love to talk (even if he’s still quiet) and can be quite the handful. But ost of the time, people see him as a quiet, secluded person who prefers to be reading a book or writing. He doesn’t talk to many people and only has one friend. He finds it difficult to make new friends.
History: Roa grew up a single child with his ‘single’ father. His father had a decent job, but all his money he earned would go into alcohol and gambling, leaving nothing for his son. Roa had been left on his father’s doorstep by one of his many ex’s, and had the unfortunate reality to look exactly like her.
His father had a new girlfriend almost every month, each of them a controlling, near s’assît if bitch. All who treated Roa poorly. Eventually, when Roa was 13, his father got married to the worst one. Both of them greedy and wanting more money.
Pretty much life of neglect and abuse-

@Eli-the-transboi group

Emil Weber was a wealthy man with everything he could have wanted. Well…almost everything. Even if he had a beautiful house, tons of money, a business, he was still missing one important thing. Love. And sure lots of girls had came begging at his feet to date, even marry them…he didn’t find any interest in them. He knew they only wanted the money. And that’s not what he was after.


He wanted someone nice…cute…someone he actually loved.

Shoving the fact he was gay under the rug, he would have maybe said yes to a few of those girls. But of course…he still found no interest. He was kind enough to spare them the “I’m gay” line and just politely say, “Get the fuck outta my face.” With a smile.

Emil decided to go for a wander and get some fresh air with his dog, Teddy. Teddy always enjoyed walks, so this wouldn’t be too much of a problem. The dog wagged his tail as he followed right beside Emil. Off leash. Emil was proud of himself for teaching his service dog to walk off leash even in crowded areas. The only time he’d put his dog on his leash, is to stop the risk of losing him in a crowd. Teddy seemed to enjoy it, so it made Emil even more happy.

As Emil wandered in a market to grab some seeds and other whatnots, he found a beautiful looking boy standing there, looking at one stand. Emil almost immediately fell in love with the boys looks. Even his eyes…they were enchanting. He stopped and listened to the boy, then looked down to see Teddy was nowhere to be seen. Once he looked back up, Teddy was making his way over to the boy, his tail wagging. Emil yelped and rushed over. “Ted!”