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Roa looks at the list in his hand, frowning slightly and looks back to the vender, “Um. . .” He looks back down at the paper, struggling to read the shitty handwriting of his stepmother. What the hell did she want? He sighs and hands the money to the vender, grabbing the closest item and turning.

He sees a dog pushing its way through the crowd of people towards him and smiles slightly, but turns to keep walking. He had to be home soon, or god knows what Cheryl would do. Probably scream something about how he was so selfish for being one minuet late or something like that.

Then would come his father, drunk off his ass and loosing half the money Roa had earned at work on gambling and the other on more alcohol. He could swear his father kept buying more of the stuff just to avoid a hangover. He nursed his early morning hangover with alcohol. The idiot.

He takes a few more steps, only to have the dog right in front of him. He sighs and bends down slightly, “Hey buddy. . . What do you want?? He gently pets the dog.

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Teddy woofs happily, his tail wagging. Emil was soon attaching a leash to Teddy. “I told you to not run off, silly.” He pets the dog and smiles at the boy. “Hello. I’m sorry about him…he’s usually so well behaved. No treats for you, Mr.” He boops Teddy, who wags his tail faster as if he had just been congratulated for uniting his over and this stranger.

Emil rolls his eyes and smiles, looking back up at the boy. “I’d like to say you are incredibly beautiful…you also seem like you don’t get told that as often as one like you should.” He smiles charmingly. “What’s your name?”

@RhysTheFirebird groupIs It Worth It?

Roa watches the dog for a moment, and his gaze goes up to the man. He blinks once and then looks away. He stares at the dog, a small smile on his face. He liked this dog, mostly because he was cute, but still. He steps away the the range of the dog’s tail, quiet.

He stiffens at the man’s words, looking up at him again, “Oh. Um. . .” He trails off, unsure of what to say. He didn’t like random people complementing him. And he was uncomfortable enough out here at the farmer’s market. He shifts his weight slightly looking away again.

“Thanks, I guess. . .” He hesitates a longer moment before answering, “Roazin, my name is Roazin.”

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Emil smiles, “Of course…” He hums softly, looking the boy over. “Well…my name is Emil. You can call me Em if you’d like.” He tilts his head slightly, still looking at Roa. He looked so amazing…and he seemed to like dogs. Perfect. He seemed shy…but that was fine. He liked them that way.

He clears his throat to clear his mind and straightens. “If you like animals…I have a job offer for you. I have a few animals who need attention during the day…but I’m usually busy. Would you like to pet sit? I have a snake, cat, and a beta fish. Plus this guy…but he’s usually always with me.”

Teddy woofs in agreement and sits down by Roa’s feet.

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Roazin feels his phone buzz in his pocket. He reaches for it, but pauses when the man says his name. Emil. . .Emil. . . His mind raced to place the name and face with where he had heard it before. A magazine flashes through his mind, one he’d seen multiple times on Cheryl’s vanity. Today’s Top Fashion. Emil was the guy in the cover. A famous fashion designer.

He looks up at him again, “Sorry. . . I don’t need the job, Thanks for the offer though.” He steps back, sliding his phone from his pocket. He frowns slightly at the messages on the beat up screen. His father was always too drunk to operate a phone, but Cheryl was always quick. She was adding more things to her damn list and with the same time to be home.

He sighs softly, “Have a good day, sir. . .” He murmurs, turning away,

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Emil frowns, watching the boy turn. “Is something bothering you? You seem troubled.” He watches as Teddy goes back to Emil’s side and then looks back up at Roazin. “If there’s anything I can do to help…I will.”

He seemed a bit worried at the distress on the boys face, but also curious. He wanted to know what this boy was doing.

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Roa looks up, “I’m fine.“ He looks back to his phone, turning it off and putting it back into his pocket. He keeps walking, his eyes scanning the wares around him as he walked. He tugs on the hem of his shirt slightly, an anxious movement.

He didn’t know this man, and he didn’t want to know this man. He just wanted to complete the list and go home. Home, such an arbitrary word. It was more like shelter for him. But that word didn’t fit either. It was a place where he lays his head a night. Nothing more.

He sighs softly, stopping at another stall and buying some vegetables.

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Emil discreetly follows, looking at stalls a few feet away, buying a few things and moving to another stall. He was still shopping…not really stalking. And if he were accused of such an act, he would simply say it was a coincidence. Because as far as Roa knew, it was.

Teddy would look back to Roa from time to time, wanting to go visit his new friend. But Emil wouldn’t allow him, telling him no.

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Roa keeps shopping, piling things into his bag. He finishes his shopping and leaves the farmers market, deciding to walk home. He looks at the time and picks up his pace to a trot.

He had thirty minuets to get home and hand Cheryl the bags. If the bugs weren’t in her hand by the time the clock stopped ticking, then he was screwed. He bites his lip, walking faster.

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Emil grins and gets into his car, letting Teddy get into the front seat as he follows Roa. He made sure not to be too obvious, and all his windows were tinted…so he should be fine. He wanted to know where this boy lived…and he was going to find out one way or another.

Once Roa stopped at his house, Emil pulls up at a home that was for sale and watches closely.

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Roa eventually picks his pace up to a jog, turning around the corner and digging his hand into his pocket for his key. He pulls it out and slides it into the lock, turning it and pushing the door open. He stumbles forward into the foyer of the shitty house and sets the two bags on the counter, “Mom! I got your groceries!” He goes back to the front door, closing it and flipping the lock.

He looks up to see Cheryl walking into the kitchen and digging through the bags. “You didn’t get me a new lighter.” She mutters, dumping the food onto the counter.

Roa sighs, “I’m sorry, the farmers market didn’t have one and I’m out of money.”

“You know that means you’ll only get some bread and water before bed. We have to cut costs somewhere if we need more money, and I guess that means starting with you.” She smiles, looking at him.

Roa nods, “Yes, ma’am.” He murmurs, setting his bag down in it’s place and walking towards his room.

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After a while, there was a knock at the door. When opened, Emil was standing there. He smiled warmly and nods. “Evening Ma’am.” He had his hands in his pockets, looking relaxed despite his fast heart. Of course he ignored it. This happened all the time anyways.

“I met your son at the market…and he seemed so intriguing. I was wondering what he’s doing here…” He looks around. “I could…take him off your hands…” He looks back at Cheryl and smiles at her. “It would definitely help with your finances. You do seem to be struggling…”

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Cheryl opens the door, “Now who the hell is-“ She stops when her gaze lands on Emil and smiles.

“Oh, Mr. Weber. So nice to meet you. I’m a fan of your work.” She raises an eyebrow at his words, “Take him. . . Well, he’s a big help around the house. And he does do a decent job at getting the groceries.”

Roa pokes his head out of his room, “Sorry, I would have gotten the door but-“ He stops when his gaze lands on Emil and he scowls.

“What’s he doing here?”

“Why, he’s going to take you off our hands. For a price, of course.”

Roa blinks, his jaw dropping slightly. No. He was not going to be sold away because some guy wanted it and he parents didn’t want him. He was twenty for fucks sake!

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Emil smiles at the woman kindly and nods. “Of course. I’ll pay a hearty sum. Don’t you worry.” He writes her a check and hands her the paper. Three thousand dollars.

“I hope this is enough. I can throw in a couple hundred more just in case.” He looks at the woman, waiting for her response.

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“Monthly.” Cheryl crosses her arms. “If you take my son, you pay me monthly.”

Roa looks between the two, “What the hell! I’m right here! You’re not goin-“

“Be quiet.” Cheryl snaps at him, turning her glare to him. “I’ll do whatever I want.”

Roa scowls, his eyes glimmering with rage. He did not agree with this. He didn’t want it, but it wasn’t like he had anywhere else to go. If he didn’t, he would be kicked onto the streets and no one would give two fucks about it. Except hi. He couldn’t live on the streets.

He drops his gaze, crossing his arms over his chest and stays silent.

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Emil nods. “As you wish.” He grins, shoving his hands back in his pockets. “I’ll pay two thousand dollars a month. How’s that?” He avoids looking at Roa, looking over the woman standing in his way. “Does he have any items to pack? I’ll be providing most things so he’s no need for clothes.”

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Roa opens his mouth, but Cheryl beats him to it, “Tow thousand a month is wonderful.” She takes the check from the man’s hand and pushes her hand into Roa’s back, pushing him out of the house.

“No. You can take him now for all I care.” Roa blinks, turning and reaching out, but the door slams behind him. His jaw drops slightly, and his hand tightens into a fist. He looks back at Emil, glaring at him.

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Emil looks down at him. “Now now…I did you a favor. You looked so worried in the market. And when I followed you here…I saw how trashy this place was. I can give you a much better life.” He smiles softly, a smug look on his face.

He promptly changed the subject like it was nothing. “You don’t have anything valuable to you do you? If so I can pay extra for you to retrieve it.” He acted like it was totally normal to just randomly buy someone. In his mind, he was doing this boy a favor. He should be thanked. “If you have nothing, we can go.”

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Roa’s back stiffens and he glares at Emil. “A favor? You bugged into my life! You just. . . Bought me! That’s not normal!” He shoves past the man and walks down the drive way.

“I don’t want anything you can give me. At all. Just leave me alone.” Roa could feel his rage at this man’s actions and his stepmother’s behavior. He knew they didn’t like him, but he didn’t”t think they disliked him that much. To sell him without a thought.

He closes his eyes, feeling the burning sensation that always came before an ugly cry.

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Emil sighs and slowly follows. “Roazin…I know you have nowhere else to go. And trust me when I say…you’ll life will be a lot better once you come with me. I helped you. You need to realize that. You can now have a better home with everything you could ever want. No stress…you don’t need to live terribly anymore.”

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Roa scowls, “I’ll find somewhere else to go. Not like you can stop me.” He keeps walking, his hands in his pockets. He stares at the ground in front of him, watching his strides eat the sidewalk.

He wanted this man to leave him alone. He just wanted. . . He didn’t know what he wanted, except to be left alone. He would find somewhere else to go. Somewhere away from this man and his parents. He was a goddamn adult and he wouldn’t let other people tell him what to do anymore.

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Emil simply follows the boy. “Do you have a job? Who knows how long it would take. I simply can’t just leave you.” He steps in front of Roa. “And…you belong to me now…” he whispers. “So…you’re coming with me…you’ll soon learn to love my spoils…” he grins deviously.

“Come now…before I have to make you.”

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Roa grits his jaw, anger flashing in his golden eyes again as he stares up defiantly at Emil. “Yes, I do have a job, thanks you very much. And you can just leave me. Because that’s what I want from you. And nothing else.”

He moves to step around Emil, trying to stay calm a collected, even at the threat in the man’s words and tone. He could feel his back stiffen at the words, before I have to make you. . .

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Emil simply follows him. “Are you sure? Come now…at least come with me until you find your own place. I insist.” He stands back in front of Roa. “Because the streets are a threat to such a beauty like you…I couldn’t deal with myself if I just let you sleep on a bench and freeze.” He gently but firmly takes Roa’s arm.

“Now come with me…because I promise you…police can’t stop me at this point.” He smiles softly.