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After about a week, Emil gently knocks on Roa’s door. “Hey. I’m not coming in…but I was wondering if you would like to come to dinner with me. I wanted to apologize for my actions as well…all of this was extremely unbecoming of me. I truly do apologize…” He sighs, then clears his throat. “I’m not trying to buy your affection either. This will be a nice restaurant…but it’s a very good one.” He smiles softly, standing there behind the door. “But…I’m not really trying to show off my money.”

Emil shoves his hands in his pockets. “Dress however you feel comfortable as well…trust me when I say…this restaurant is more…homey.” He sighs.

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(He took over that small room with the view of the front.)

Roa lay’s on the small couch, staring out the window, “Still sounds like you’re trying to buy me. I don’t want to go to some stupid restaurant.” He curls into a ball, pressing his face into his knees and closing his eyes.

He didn’t want food. He wasn’t even hungry, per usual. He just wanted to be out of this stupid house and away from the stupid arrogant man. He wanted to be alone and away from everyone. Where no one can bother him, where he can just breathe.

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Emil sighs. “Please? Just…humor me…” He mumbles. “It’s…a family owned restaurant. I eat there every week…” He murmurs. “I just…wanted to take you out of the house. I know it’s unhealthy to stay cooped up.” He fidgets with his jewelry. “Just…humor me this once.”

He shifts on his feet, going silent. God…he was begging now. How low has he stooped…

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Roa sighs and sits up with a soft rustle of sound, “I don’t want to go to your stupid restaurant. I’m not even hungry.” He gets up, walking to the door and opening it, leveling a glare at the man.

“Don’t you get it? I don’t want to do anything with you. At all. And if it hurts your little feelings, well, then I guess it sucks to be you. Why do you just put h yourself in my shoes, you wouldn’t want to do anything with the guy who kidnapped you.”

He slams the door shut and walks back over to the couch, sitting down and pulling his knees to his chest.

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Emil closes his eyes as the door slams back in his face, then sighs. “By the way…I found job offerings.” He slips a few papers under the door. “I’ll- leave you alone then.” He sighs as he walks away. “I apologize.”

Luna looks up at Roa, then jumps down from the window and chirps up at Roa. She then hops up on the couch and curls up by his side.

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Roa looks at the papers, getting up and picking the papers up. He looks them over, quiet. He bites his lip and sets the papers down. He gets up, following after Emil, “Wait-“

He bites his lip, looking down at the floor. “I-I’m sorry. . . I was an ass. . .” He mumbles, wrapping his arms around himself.

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Emil looks at him, blinking. He then laughs and shakes his head. “Look…believe it or not I understand. I would offer to drive you to job interviews and whatnot but I feel like you’d strangle me-“ he snickers.

“But- anyways…it’s fine. I should be the one on my knees asking for forgiveness.” He sighs.

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Roa blinks and sighs, “Well, I would strangle you. Very painfully for that matter.” He looks at Emil, looking the man over for a long moment. He seemed to bu judging the other man’s appearance and words.

“Look, you can take me out, but not to some stupid restaurant. I want to go to a greasy diner.”

His arms tighten around his waist and he looks to the wall instead, “I still shouldn’t have spoken to you like that.”

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Emil took a moment, then laughs softly at his words and nods. “Alright. Is there anywhere particular you go?” He tilts his head slightly. He then shook his head at Roa. “Listen…” He sighs.

“I shouldn’t have forced this upon you. I feel terrible.” He fidgets slightly, concern and regret lingering in his tone. “I honestly just wanna make it up to you.” He mutters. “I guess my thoughts and opinions still stand…but I have been in a similar situation you had at home. I thought I was helping.” He sighs softly, taking a moment. “Guess I was wrong.”

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Roa shrugs, “I don’t know. . . Just a stupid diner.” He bites his lip slightly, his fingers twisting into his shirt.

“Yeah, whatever, I get it. . . That doesn’t excuse the way I spoke to you. I was an asshole. . .” He mumbles, stepping backwards slightly.

He shakes his head, “You helped a bit. . . I don’t have to deal with my parents. But it’s just one prison to another.”

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Emil sighs, then motions for Roa to follow. “Come on. Would you like front of backseat? I know a really good diner just downtown.” He smiles. “Believe it or not- it’s one of my favorite places downtown. And that place is kinda shady-“ he laughs softly, then shakes his head.

“Anyways- come on.” He starts walking outside, getting his car keys.

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Roa stiffens, “NO CAR!” He yelps, backing away. He hugs himself tighter, his eyes glittering with panic as he shakes his head. He keeps moving backwards.

“No car. We walk.” He says, slightly calmer this time.

He hated cars, they moved too fast and he always felt trapped in them. Which, he was, because most of the time, if you tired to jump out, you would get hurt. It was a confining metal box that trapped him. And the driver could take him a anywhere.

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Emil looks at him, then sets the car keys down and nods. “Ok. Ok. We walk.” He nods again. “I wont force you.” He smiles warmly. “I wont force you.” He nods to the door as he opens it for Roa.

“After you.” he keeps the door open for him as he gets Teddy and gets him on his harness and leash. “Good boy. Yeah. We’re gonna go eat.”

Teddy wags his tail happily, sitting by Emil’s side.

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Roa presses his back against the wall, watching Emil closely. He stays tense and quiet, not moving from the wall. He pushes his hand through his hair, swallowing. He looks at the open door and then to Emil. He slowly pushes off the wall, walking towards the doorway, hesitantly.

(He’s gonna make a run for it- -_-)

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(XD he’s gonna let him.)

Emil stays quiet, making enough room for him. “It’s ok.” He says softly, holding the door open for Roa. He felt so bad for doing this…for keeping this poor boy locked up for so long. He wouldn’t even be surprised if Roa just bolted. In fact…he expected it. Sadly…the gate would also be locked up.

Emil sighs. “Hey…ima need to unlock the gate and lock up the house. Can you wait by the gate for me?”

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(He’s not gonna bolt until he knows for a 100% fact ghe can get away-)

Roa gives him a wary look and walks past him, staying as far away as he can. He just walks to the gate and stands there, silent.

He didn’t have many thoughts, but he felt an itching in his legs, telling him to just bolt. But he didn’t have anywhere to go yet s, and as long as e was on Emil’s property, he couldn’t grantee that he’d get away. So, for now, he stayed quiet and stood there by the gate, waiting.

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Emil locked up the doors in the house, then pets Teddy and makes his way to the gate. After a while, he manages to find the right keys and he unlocks the decorative gates with a click. Emil then opens one wide and holds it open for Roa, looking down at Teddy, who had taken his place by Emil, then looks up at Roa.


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Roa nods, still silent. He watches Emil as well, and the dog. He wondered how fast Emil could run. Roa knew he was fast, having to constantly run from his parents all the time. He was ready to bolt the moment he was sure he could get away. The moment he got his chance he would be gone.

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Emil smiles slightly and motions for him to go first. Then once Reo stepped out, Emil followed and locked the gate behind him. He then puts his keys in his pockets and began walking down the sidewalk. He didn’t touch Roa, didn’t offer his hand. He just walked. 3…2…1…

Emil glanced over at Roa, knowing what happens next.

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Roa hesitates, staring ahead. He walks swiftly, not yet running. Thinking about it for a moment longer, running before he got free food was a stupid idea. He didn’t have any money, and no way to get his own food. So he decided to wait. And maybe Emil would let his guard down, making it easier for him to run off.

He stuffs his hands into his pockets, walking ahead of Emil and the dog.

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Emil hums, Odd… He shrugs it off as they arrive at a bar and grill. “Here we are.” He mumbles, looking down at Teddy and making sure his harness had the required patches on them. Do not pet, working service dog, ask before touching…

Emil then sighs and walks inside, finding a table and looking at Roa. He then motions for him to sit, smiling ever so slightly. Teddy lays down at Emil’s feet, resting his head on his paws. After a moment, he looks up at a waitress who gave both the boys menus. “Hey. What would you boys like to drink?”

“Just Diet Coke please.” Emil mumbles.

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Roa sits down slowly, sitting on the edge of the seat. He looks at the women and smiles slightly, “Just water.” He tilts his head slightly.

He looks back to the table, running his fingers through his hair, swallowing. He was hungry, incredibly hungry. He wouldn’t eat much though. He fidgets with the sleeve of his shirt, silent and waiting.

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The woman nods, writing it down. “And do you boys know what you wanna eat?” She smiles. The more she spoke, the more you could recognize a southern belle accent. Emil smiled warmly. “Just some fries please.” He looks over at Roa, smiling at him.

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Roa shifts, “Cheeseburger. Light mustard, ketchup, mayo, lettuce, tomato and pickle, please.” He smiles slightly tilting his head to the side.

He keeps fidgeting with his sleeve, watching Emil and the waitress then looking back to the table. His eyes flicking repeatedly from the three points.

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The waitress writes the orders down and nods. “Alright! Here are your drinks…” she takes two cups and fills one with Diet Coke, and the other with water. She then sets them out for the boys. “I’ll get those orders out soon!” She smiles and walks away.

Emil sighs softly, leaning back and looking around. “I don’t know which is more crowded…this place…or those fashion shows.” He snickers and looks down at Teddy to make sure he was ok. Teddy of course was dozing slightly, his tail wagging happily. “Hm…i’ll ask that waitress to get you some bacon too…” he smiles and looks back up at Roa.