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Name - What is Emil Weber’s full name?

Emil Weber

Role - What is Emil Weber’s role in your story?

Rich man who gets everything he wants.

Other names - What other aliases does Emil Weber go by?


Gender - What is Emil Weber’s gender?


Age - How old is Emil Weber?




face Looks
Height - How tall is Emil Weber?


Hair Color - What color is Emil Weber’s hair?

Blond with dark undertones

Hair Style - How does Emil Weber style their hair?

Short and wavy with the back shaved

Eye Color - What is Emil Weber’s eye color?

Sharp blue

Race - What is Emil Weber’s race?


Skin Tone

White with a slight tan

Body Type


Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Emil Weber have?

Has a tattoo on his neck and a scar on the right side of his chest.

fingerprint Nature
Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Emil Weber have?

Demanding yet cunning. He has strong charisma and will get everything and anything he wants within minutes. He can be very kind and is very flirty. He can swoon just about anyone.

Motivations - What motivates Emil Weber most?


Flaws - What flaws does Emil Weber have?

Pretty self absorbed.

Talents - What talents does Emil Weber have?

He’s a wonderful designer. He can sew, knit, crochet and can do all other sorts of crafty things.

Hobbies - What hobbies does Emil Weber have?

Any kind of designing or crafting. He’s famous for his clothes designs and other masterpieces.


Mental: mild narcissistic personality disorder, mild bipolar disorder, (hidden PTSD and anxiety) adhd.

Physical: tachycardia


Being told no and not given a reason why, large crowds, not having time to himself, silence.


Crafting, designing, music, watching movies/tv shows, having something to do with his hands



groups Social
Occupation - What is Emil Weber’s occupation?

Clothing designer. (But he also has a whole company that he runs mainly by himself. It consists of his clothing and other creations.)

Favorite color - What is Emil Weber’s favorite color?

The whole rainbow. There’s no color he hates.

Favorite food - What is Emil Weber’s favorite food?

Anything he makes. He takes great pride in anything he can create.

Favorite possession - What is Emil Weber’s favorite possession?

His butterfly knife

Favorite weapon - What is Emil Weber’s favorite weapon?

Butterfly knife

Favorite animal - What is Emil Weber’s favorite animal?

Any. He loves animals.

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Pets - What pets does Emil Weber have?

He has a service dog, pet snake, calico cat, and beta fish.

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accessibility Outfit
what does your character wear?

Anything fancy. Suits, dress shirts, jewelry. He especially likes to wear the clothes he makes.


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