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Roa sighs, keeping his knees to his chest, staring out the window. He watches Emil leave and then hops up. He smiles at Luna and gently pets her, scratching behind her ears. “Hey, baby. . . I bet you’re a sweet girl.” He runs his hand over her fur, seeming calmed by the moment.

He smiles at the cat and then wanders out of the room, heading down to the kitchen. He looks at the already cooked food and shakes his head. He digs around the kitchen, finding some bread. He pops it into the toaster, finding butter, sugar and cinnamon. He mixed some cinnamon and sugar together.

When the toast pops, he smiles and puts it onto a plate. He spreads some butter onto it and then sprinkles the cinnamon sugar onto it. He takes a bite and then quickly finishes the food. Despite his words the previous night, he had been hungry, and now, he was starving. But he was too stubborn, and well. . . He didn’t want to know anythign that may lead to him liking Emil.

He washes the plate and sets it to dray and walks towards the back door, going out into the garden. He looks around until he finds the thorny vines he had seen the night before. He assumed it was there to prevents hims from scaling the wall, but thorns were not a deterrent to him. He reaches out, light pressing his finger against a thorn.

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Luna purred softly as she got pets, then got up and followed him. She stayed right by his feet as he walked around, then stopped at the rose bushes, meowing loudly at him.

Once Roa had touched the thorn, a sharp, stinging pain could be felt going all throughout his finger. Emil had specifically put up this thorn wall so no intruders would get in. If they did, they’d get a nasty infection that could even put them in the ER if it punctured the right places.

Luna kept meowing at Roa, gently batting her paw at his foot. It seemed like even she knew not to go near the wall. Most likely, several people trying to rob Emil had broke in before, hence all the defense and locked doors. Emil himself had even confessed to having sent several people to the hospital after they had attempted to break in. It seemed fair though. He did nothing to these people. All he was doing was living the life he’s always wanted. And he wasn’t ever stingy with his money or creations. He made everything affordable. Even his jewelry. That was probably why he was so famous. Having authentic and affordable merchandise was rare these days. And he managed to pull through and become one of the most successful designers out there.

Emil had always wondered why some people wanted to steal from him. Or even just hurt him. What did he do? He was nice. He never denied anyone service. He represented everyone in his designs. So why the hate? He’d never know. All he knew is that he had finally got what he wanted in life. Even more safety. Surprisingly, he felt more safe now then he did before…

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Roa hisses and pulls his hand away. He picks Luna up, “You’re trying to warn me, aren’t you, little moon ray. . .” He looks at the garden walls, and then uses his foot to try and push the vines aside. He needed a way out. . .

He then blinks, a gate. . . He hold Luna close and walks along the edge of the wall, looking for any kind of gate or door. Even if it had a lock on it, he would find a way to open it. He would find a way out of this stupid place.

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Luna meows and licks his finger, purring softly. She then nuzzles into his neck, purring even louder as she cuddles her new friend. She looks up at him and mews softly, her tail swishing ever so slightly.

No matter where he looked, there was no sign of a door or gate. Nothing. It seemed like the garden was completely closed off from the rest of the world. A little safe haven as Emil would call it. Though Emil seemed to trust his animals outside because of the safety of the garden. Luna and Teddy sure seemed to enjoy it.

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Roa scowls and goes back inside, looking at the locks on the doors. There had to be a way to unlock them from the inside. How else would Emil get out? He pets Luna gently, still holding her close and running his hand down her back.

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No door could even open. No matter what lock was turned. After what seemed like forever, Emil walks in. He was carrying bags full of what looked like supplies. He sighs and stuffs his keys in his pocket. He then smiles and lets Teddy off his leash, who rushed over to Roa and sat in front of him, his tail wagging.

Luna purred softly as she just nuzzles into Roa’s arms. Emil smiled at this. “Aww.” He sets up Teddy’s food as Teddy stays where he is, wanting some attention.

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He grips the door handle, resting his forehead against the door, closing his eyes. He just wanted to be free, damnit. At the sound of Emil coming back, he moves away from the door, petting Luna.

Roa turns and walks away from Emil and Teddy, frustrated tears burning his eyes as he refuses to cry. He pets Luna and then sets her down, gently pushing her away, making it clear he wanted to be alone.

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Luca chirps slightly, then eventually gets the message and rests in windowsill.

Teddy tilted his head, but got distracted by Emil whistling for Teddy to come eat. Teddy then rushed over, his tail wagging as he ate his supper. Emil smiled and pet him, then stood straight and called out to Roa after noticing the untouched food still on the table. “If you want, you can make your own food! I don’t actually know what you like.”

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Roa sighs, shaking his head and ignoring Emil. He wanders back to the small room with the view of the front. He closes the door, locking it behind him. He sits on the small sofa and curls up into a ball, closing his eyes.

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(Maybe Emil takes him out somewhere-? Cause Roa hates him for three reasons. (1) He literally bought Roa, using Roa’s bad circumstances to get what he wants (2) He then kidnapped Roa and (3) he keeps the pour guy locked up in the house and backyard-)