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Roa glares, “I wouldn’t be living on the streets. Leave me alone!” He tries to keep walking, but he feels the man’s hand on his arm. He sucks in a breath, flinching slightly. He freezes in place, his breath quickening with panic.

He stares at the ground, silent and shaking slightly. “Let me go. . .” He whispers, his voice cracking slightly on the words.

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Emil’s grasp was still gentle. He didn’t wanna mark up this boy after all. That wasn’t his mission. He whispers in the boys ear. “I will not ask again…come with me. I am willing to take you myself. I own you now anyways.” He smirks.

“Come on. Follow willingly…or I will not hesitate to pick you up myself. And no one will be able to do anything.” He whispers softly, his voice sounding more of a hiss than anything. “It’s not like you’ll be a prisoner…more like…a welcome resident.” He smiles.

@RhysTheFirebird groupIs It Worth It?

Roa whines, trying to pull away. His strict ‘no touching’ policy was because of the panic attacks touching caused. The only person he ever let touch him was his friend, Kay. But Kay had moved to California a few years ago for school and left Roa alone. Roa had no one to help him get used to being touched and he could feel the panic steadily rising within his chest.

He heard the man speaking, but not his words. Everything was going fuzzy and dull. The man’s words were muffled and Roa couldn’t breathe. He was going to pass out. He sucks in a sharps breath, trying to breathe. He couldn’t pass out, he just couldn’t.

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Emil sighs and slowly guides Roa to the car, then lets go of him and opens the door. Teddy came right to the rescue. As if he’s done this a million times. He made Roa sit down and then laid down in the boys lap, licking his face to help ground him.

Teddy then leaned on Roa’s chest to help give a slight bit of pressure and licked his face again. He had done this so many times before for Emil, but from the man’s condition, everyone would think it was just to help his heart trouble.

Emil left the door open to give Roa some air, standing there and watching Teddy to his job. He knew not to interrupt. He understood the feeling of panic. And he recognized the look in Roa’s eyes…though he still didn’t fully sympathize.

Eh…he would deal with that guilt later.

@RhysTheFirebird groupIs It Worth It?

Roa struggles to pull free from Emil, shaking his head. Then he’s sitting down and the panic lessens, then the dog is on him. Holy shot- No- get this damn thing off me- He squirts, pushing at the dog. It made him feel worse and this small space made him feel worse.

He needed to get away. He needed to run. Well, first he needed to breathe. And this dog on his chest was not helping at all. f anything, it was making it harder.

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Teddy takes one look at Roa, then decides to sit next to him instead, feeling the boys panic worsen. Now, he’s curled up by the boys side with his chin on his knee. The poor dog looked worried for his new friend…and he had no idea of what was actually going on. Emil raised an eyebrow, then rolls the window down and closes the door, locking it. Was this kidnapping? I mean probably- but he did pay. So it should be just fine. Emil then got into the front and started the car, silent as he starts driving off.

He already knew Roa would most likely panic more as he was driving. But to be honest…he didn’t give two shits about it. The boy will learn to appreciate his new life.

@RhysTheFirebird groupIs It Worth It?

Roa whines, panic in the sound as he feels the car move. Conscious of every tiny movement the car made. He felt trapped. He pushes his hand into the Dogs face, trying to get it away from him or get himself away from it. He didn’t want contact. He didn’t want to feel anything. He just wanted to breathe. But he couldn’t even seem to do that properly as he felt himself slowly loosing consciousness.

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Teddy whines, worry settling into him. He moved away from Roa as he was pushed away, his tail tucking in between his legs.

Emil kept driving. And soon…he reached his mansion. One of many… he grins as he looks up at the wonder. It was huge. Beautiful architecture and detail lined the outer walls. It looked like a modern palace. The windows shown a warm glow and the lace lined silk curtains showed off just how classy the place was. There was a beautiful fountain in the middle of a looped road going from the driveway. Bright green bushes covered in different colored roses surround the area. Almost like a maze. The gates and fence to the grand palace had beautiful swirls and rose outlines. And on the gate had the letter W.

A man in a suit smiled as he opened the door for Emil. “I was just waiting for you to come back. My shift is over.”

Emil smiles and gets out, nodding. “I’ll be fine here. You go on. I have important business.” He didn’t even take one glance at Roa as he spoke to the man for a while. Then, he waved him off and walked over to Roa, opening the door. He looked at Roa and sighed softly, picking the boy up and carrying him inside. He brings the boy to a pretty plain looking room. The room looked perfect to customize. White and grey…

Emil then lays Roa down on the soft bed and covers him with a thin, soft blanket.

(I apologize for my bad description. I’m tired- ;-;)

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After a few hours, Roa wakes with a start, sucking in a gasp of air and jolting upright. He looks around the room, frowning when he didn’t recognize it. He gets up, out of the bed and stumbles towards the door. Where the hell was he? What was he doing here?

He grabs onto the door knob trying to turn it.

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The door opened to reveal a nicely decorated hallway with a beautiful view to the backyard garden. All kinds of fruits, vegetables and flowers lined the garden, sun making them glow with life. There was also a greenhouse holding even more plants and whatnots. Teddy was outside playing and jumping around, woofing at butterflies and birds and just having the time of his life.

Suddenly, there was a soft meow right under Roa’s feet. They’re padded through an adorable calico cat with beautiful markings. The cat rubbed against his leg, then pranced right on into his room, curling up on the windowsill.

@RhysTheFirebird groupIs It Worth It?

Roa sighs, pushing the door closed and flipping the lock. He walks backwards to the bed and sits down. He drops his head into his hands, closing his eyes. He wanted to be anywhere but here. Anywhere else. He takes a deep breath, closing his eyes. He counts in his head, focusing his thoughts.

1. . . 2. . . 3. . . 4. . .

The numbers straighten his mind and calm him down. He opens his eyes and pulls his feet up onto the bed, sitting crisscross on the bed. His hands grips his ankles as he breathes deeply.

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The cat purrs softly as she bathes in the sun. Her tail slowly sways off the windowsill and her eyes were closed. She looked peaceful.

Eventually, she made a “Murp” sound and looked at Roa. She stayed on the windowsill as she stared at him. Then, she slowly blinks and closes her eyes, taking in more sun. She seemed like a very happy and healthy cat, just enjoying life as it comes. She certainly seemed to take joy in sunbathing. At a closer inspection, she had a small collar with a ball on the end that had the name “Luna” on it. It was pretty ironic since the cat enjoyed the day more than night.

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Roa stays still and silent, looking at the cat. He sighs softly, and picks at a loose string on the blanket. He twirls it around his finger for a long moment before getting up and walking back to the door an opening it.

He walks into the hallway, leaving the door open behind him. He wanders down the hall, trailing his hand along the wall and humming softly to himself. A soft tune he remembered from a long time ago.

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After a moment, he was lead into the main entrance hall. A big fish tank stood right at the entrance. A semi large beta fish swam happily through the tank, seeming to be very content. The room was huge and very beautiful. The walls were decorated with all kinds of art and awards. There was a beautiful blue and dark maroon/purple circle rug laid on the floor, and on top of it was Emil’s most famous art piece…A statue of a beautiful young woman sitting next to a single rose. She had what looked to be a thin veil over her beautifully carved face. The veil looked transparent…and one could swear it wasn’t made of marble.

Emil had told the press he got the idea from a wonderfully built statue named “The veiled virgin.” He had also told reporters that the statue was in honor of his passed mother.

At the other end of the room wafted the smell of supper. German pot roast. The smell could have made anyone’s mouth water. From the kitchen, there was music playing, and soft singing.

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Roa looks at the statue for a long moment. He shakes his head and walks away from the smell. He was no where near hungry and he just wanted to leave. Find his own way and get out of this stupidly large house.

He rolls his eyes slightly. The house was way too big. No one needed a house this big. He’d lived in a house the size of the room he’d woken up in his whole life. The only point of have ing a house this big was to flash a big giant sign saying ‘Hey, I’m rich as hell’.

He wander around more, trying to find a door to outside. Either the front door, or a side door. Anything would work at this point.

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Somehow, every door either led to the backyard, or was locked. One could only wonder why.

It didn’t take Emil long before he walked out of the kitchen, wiping his hands on a rag. He looks up to see Roa and smiles. “Oh…you’re awake. Welcome home.” He chuckles softly and places the rag down on a table. He then walks over to him, standing about a foot away. “How are you liking the new arrangements? I’m sure Luna has already came to say hi.” He smiles warmly. “Anywho. I’m making supper. It will be done by 7. It takes a while to make.” He acted so friendly. As if he didn’t just buy this boy off his parents.

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Roa pushes past the man, shaking his head. “Leave me the hell alone. I don’t want your stupid food.” He walks away from the kitchen, shaking his head. He walks towards a door that he vaguely remembered opened out into the backyard.

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Emil follows, smirking. Once the door was opened, sunlight shone onto Roa’s face. Once he was adjusted…the garden seemed to get even bigger. Rose vines covered the fences, followed by thorn bushes to keep intruders out. No matter where Roa could look, there was no way out. Every space that could be an exit was covered in thorny vines and roses.

A small little pond sat in a corner of the garden, and by it sat a bird feeder, birdhouse, and bird bath in the shape of a man holding a big, round bowl. The pond had a few little frogs sat on fake Lilly pads, happily croaking away.

Teddy looked at Roa and wags his tail, sitting down by the pond.

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Roa goes straight to the pond, sitting on the ground before the water. He stares into it. He could feel the trapped feeling settling in. He hated it, it made his skin itch. He wanted to be free.

He closes his eyes, silent.