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Novissime Realm

Description - How would you describe Novissime Realm?

A destroyed realm from the past which used to be home to the Novissime Shapeshifters. It was a beautiful world of floating islands with portals to all sorts of realms and was a hub for inter-realm travel.

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Origin - How did Novissime Realm originate?

It used to be an infinite world filled with all sorts of creatures until the First Shadow Wars happened 5,000 years ago and the land was destroyed and spread out to make the floating islands it was

History - What is Novissime Realm’s history?

Year -500: The god of the multiverses creates the Novissime Realm and its god, Princess Rian
Year -200: The Novissimes and Shadowlings start the first shadow war, reasons unkn̵̮̫͔͓͉̩̲̲̿͂͛͐͜͜͜o̷̡̢̡͚̗̤͙̒̿͒̆̿̀̒͑̂͛̐̋̍ͅͅẁ̷̢̝̤̤͍̞̗̤̮̺̭̰̥̏̏̿̌̓̊n̵͈͉̯̝̳͎̺̞͑͗̌̈́̔̓̈̐̑
Year 0: The First Shadow War happen, land is destroyed resulting in a floating island realm and all history before is now lost.
Year 150: The Shadows and Novissimes make peace, ending the First Shadow War.
Year 900: The Novissimes stop having a Royal line and The Shadow Prince that will destroy the realm is born.
Year 1,250: The Shadow Prince is now The Shadow King. The Second Shadow War begins.
Year 1,300: Alex Blazing is hatched.
Year 1,720: The Second Shadow War ends with Alex Blazing trapping The Shadow King in a lava cave forever, or so he thought.
Year 2,475: Mico Raining is hatched.
Year 2,474: Tyrone Yeetman is hatched.
Year 2,480: Matthew Raining is hatched.
Year 3,230: Mico Raining gets nine lives and is told she will have an important destiny, but ignores that.
Year 3,425: Mico Raining , Matthew Raining , and Tyrone Yeetman explore an ancient cave and find The Shadow King who possesses Matthew Raining and destroys the realm while Mico Raining and Tyrone Yeetman escape

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Laws of Physics - What are the laws of physics like in Novissime Realm?

Mostly like Earth's but gravity is weaker and works slightly differently.

Magic System - What is the magic system like in Novissime Realm?

Magic is very abundant and every creature has it, but it varies from person to person

Technology - What is the level of technology like in Novissime Realm?

The Novissimes and Shadows have technology far more advanced then almost all realms and Novissime had made portals to other realms so non-Realm-jumping Novissimes could go from realm to realm

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Inspiration - What were your major sources of inspiration for Novissime Realm?

Terraria and Skylanders probably influenced the floating island idea


This realm is destroyed and gone forever

This universe contains...
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terrain Locations close
terrain The Shadow Dimension A dimension made entirely of shadows, depth perception is near impossible for any non-Shadowlings

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emoji_events Items close
emoji_events Q-B A small floating cube, about 3 by 3 inches. Made out of metal and every side has a portal to a pocket dimension. Can become larger or smaller.

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account_balance Governments close
account_balance The Shadow Royal Line A family of shadows that all have a special ability: being able to control ones weaker than themselves. (Also royal shadows are goopy shadows like Bendy or Nightmare!Sans while normal shadowlings a...

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