Shadowlings explained

Shadowlings, more commonly just called Shadows, are the shadow creatures that Novissimes share the Novissime Realm with. They can turn anything into shadows and any living things into Shadowlings. They have a monarchy with their current king being The Shadow King and their own dimension in the Novissime Realm called The Shadow Dimension. Although it is sometimes called the Shadow Realm. Shadowlings often do not have forms or names, they sometimes are blobs of shadow or just hide in natural, not alive shadows. The only thing that can kill a Shadowling is pure light. Shadowlings can control any shadows and the royal shadows can control other Shadowlings and even make shadows. All Shadowlings can only procreate (kinda?) by making someone else a shadow, if someone is a shadow for over a week they can never be turned back. Before being a shadow for a week pure light will make them normal again, after a week pure light will kill a shadow. The difference between a royal shadowling and a normal shadowling is that royals are goopy shadows like Bendy or Nightmare!Sans while normal shadowlings are fire-like, similar to more depictions of shadow creatures.