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Name - What is Princess Arianna’s full name?

Princess Arianna

Other names - What other aliases does Princess Arianna go by?

Ari, Princess, Novissime God

Gender - What is Princess Arianna’s gender?


Age - How old is Princess Arianna?

As old as time itself

face Looks
Height - How tall is Princess Arianna?


Hair Color - What color is Princess Arianna’s hair?


Hair Style - How does Princess Arianna style their hair?

Long braid like Sad-ist's Technoblade

Eye Color - What is Princess Arianna’s eye color?

Blue and green



Skin Tone


Body Type


fingerprint Nature
Motivations - What motivates Princess Arianna most?

Having fun :D

Flaws - What flaws does Princess Arianna have?

Far too playful for a god and acts like her world is just a plaything and the people are puppets

groups Social
Religion - What religion does Princess Arianna practice?

Herself, lol

Favorite color - What is Princess Arianna’s favorite color?


Favorite possession - What is Princess Arianna’s favorite possession?
date_range History
device_hub Family
shopping_basket Inventory
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