Novissimes explained

Novissimes are shapeshifters from the Novissime Realm. There are four types, Realm-jumping, Magic-shifting, Hybrid, and Normal.

Normal Novissimes, or most, can shapeshift into anything but cannot use any magic powers. For example a Novissime can shapeshift into a fire dragon and use it's fire breath because that is a physical feature, but if a Novissime shapeshifts into an animus dragon (from Wings of Fire) they cannot use the animus magic.

Realm-jumping Novissimes are able to create portals out of thin air that go to different realms. They make a sort of magic energy that is powerful enough to rip portals through space-time which can be dangerous at times. Usually a Realm-jumping Novissime is able to make around 5 portals a day due to how much magic energy it takes, although some can be stronger or weaker. Portals do not always go to the right places and it takes practice to pinpoint a specific place and time.

Magic-shifting Novissimes are able to shapeshift into something and have all the magical powers of that thing. The Novissime Code restricts Magic-shifting Novissimes to do a lot of things however.

Hybrid Novissimes are Novissimes with both Magic-shifting and Realm-jumping, this can rarely happen if a Novissime has Magic-shifting and Realm-jumping parents.

The Novissime Code is a list of rules for Magic-shifting and Realm-jumping Novissime.
1. Realm-jumping Novissime cannot use their abilities to break or combine realms
2. Magic-shifting Novissime cannot be something with two or more over-powered magics
3. Magic-shifting Novissime cannot shapeshift into a Realm-jumping Novissime (it is unknown if this is possible)
4. Realm-jumping Novissime must help other Novissime to get to other realms
5. Magic-shifting Novissime must avoid all mind-controlling entities (Bill Cipher, The Core, Glitchtrap, etc)
6. Magic-shifting Novissime cannot be any god-like entities
8. No letting a main character add rules