The Last Novissime (Rough Draft)

Prologue: Bit of a backstory.

Three people walked into the pitch black cave, it was dimly lit by lava. The red lighting made it seem like a horror game. “Ar-are you sure this is a good idea?” The guy in the back of the group said, looking around nervously. “Of course it is!” The girl leading them said “we are the first Novissime to set foot in this cave for years!” The girl ran to a cliff above a lava pool and looked back at the other two. “Hey guys” The girl smirked “I have an idea” “Mico, please don’t” The boy hiding behind the silent one said nervously “what if you-” The girl jumped backwards off the cliff “WOOOOOOO!” The girl suddenly grew dragon wings and flew up at the last second “see Matthew? Easy!” Mico flew to the other side of the cave. “Come on! It’s safe!” 

“Here, I’ll just” The one who hadn’t spoken yet grabbed Matthew, grew bird wings, and flew to Mico. “TYRONE!” Matthew yelled in panic while they were frying over the lava. Tyrone landed and Matthew was clinging onto him. “Matthew, you can let go now” Tyrone said, poking Matthew. Matthew opened his eyes and let go, falling onto the ground. “So, you guys ready to make history?” Mico said excitedly. “Probably not” Tyrone said “whatever happens in here probably won’t be important”

Chapter 1: What’s all this then?

Mico woke up in a purely black world. Xe looked around, not seeing anything in the endless void. Void..The void! It’s just the void in our realm! Mico thought. Mico tried to fly out of the void but didn’t have her wings. Ok, this is normal for a shapeshifter Mico though and jumped up, trying to grow xer dragon wings. ”You can’t do anything at all” A voice behind xer growled. Mico whirled around to face whoever was there. There were two red glowing eyes in the pure shadows behind xer. “Who’s there?!” Mico yelled “What’s going on?”

“I am The Shadow King” The voice said, “and you are completely alone”

Mico tried to punch the thing and it laughed “you are POWERLESS!” it roared “don’t you understand?” Mico somehow was frozen in place, unable to do anything. “HEY!” Mico yelled at it “LET ME GO!” “never, as soon as I find you, you’re doomed” The Shadow King said. “Wait, this is a dream, isn’t it?” Mico said and woke up. Xe was in a forest, Mico didn’t see anything xe knew.

Mico flew into the sky using xer dragon wings and looked around. Xe definitely wasn’t in the Novissime Realm, but where? Suddenly Mico heard a gunshot and got shot in the wing, xe glided down in pain and hid in a hollow stump. Two people walked past “where did that thing go? It better be dead” said one of them, he was holding a gun. “Should we be worried about one of the things so close to our home base?” The other one said “It might not have been alone”. The one with a gun was checking spots that Mico could have hidden in and was walking to the stump Mico was in. Mico hid xer wings in xer hoodie. Can’t shapeshift with that gun wound, Mico thought. The person with a gun checked in the stump and Mico jumped out of it and ran away into the mess of trees. “HEY!” The person with a gun chased xer. Mico climbed up into a tree and hid from them as the people ran past. When Mico couldn’t hear their footsteps anymore xer got down from the tree and wandered in the direction away from where the people went.

Once Mico was far enough away from them, xe shapeshifted xer arm to have claws on it and slashed the air. It made a portal that was supposed to go to the Novissime Realm. Mico walked into the portal and found xerself in a void, completely empty of light. “Hello?” Mico called out. Must have opened the portal to the wrong place Mico thought Or accidentally made it too low in the void that I ended up here. “Actually” The voice from xer dream said “This is the Novissime Realm, gone forever” it laughed. “What?!” Mico yelled “How? That’s impossible! The only thing that could do this is-” “Gone? Dead? Defeated by Alex?” The voice asked “Well, I’m back. I alwa-” “THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE! THE SHADOW KING AND ALL THE SHADOWS ARE DEAD!” Mico yelled and backed away from where the voice was coming from. “I was only trapped for those thousands of years” The Shadow King explained “You and your friends let me out”  “No we- oh no…” Mico remembered what had happened in the cave.

“So, you guys ready to make history?” Mico said excitedly. “Probably not” Tyrone said “whatever happens in here probably won’t be important” Mico ran into the cave and Tyrone and Matthew followed xer. “You sure this is a good idea Mico?” Matthew asked, looking around in fear. “Yes! Of course I-” Mico was cut off by Matthew screaming and being dragged into the shadows in the cave. “MATTHEW!” Mico yelled and chased him. Tyrone left the cave. Mico couldn’t see anything in the cave, despite having night vision. “Matthew?” Mico called into the inky darkness “Th-this is a joke, right?” “nope” SOmething behind Mico growled. Mico ran out of the cave in panic and ran into Tyrone. “Tyrone! Did Matthew leave the cave?” “No! I thought you were looking for him!” Tyrone said.

“We have to leave!” Mico exclaimed. “What?! Why?” Tyrone asked and looked in the cave as something made of pure shadows left it. “OH HOLY-” The shadow thing roared, interrupting the word Mico was about to say. “YOU’RE RIGHT!” Tyrone yelled and threw Mico into a portal. “Wait! Not leave the realm!” Mico said, but xe was completely alone.

“You killed my friends and destroyed my entire home!” Mico yelled at the Shadow King “that’s what happened!” The Shadow King laughed “yep, and now you’re next” A shadowling appeared and pounced on Mico. Mico dodged out of the way and ran away from both of the shadows. The shadowling chased Mico, it grabbed xer leg. “NO!” Mico kicked it off and opened a portal in panic and they both fell through.

Chapter 2

Mico and the shadowling were both in a completely blocky world. “Minecraft. Of course- ACK!” The shadowling pounced at Mico, interrupting what xe was saying. The shadowling tried to strangle Mico but xe slashed its face. The shadowling backed away from Mico and xe ran away. Mico flew up into the sky and yelled back at the shadowling “hah! You can’t get me up here!”. The shadowling grew shadow wings and flew up to Mico. “Oh shoot” Mico said and flew away into the clouds. Mico disappeared in the white blocky mess of the clouds, xe blended into the clouds but the shadowling stuck out. Mico hid from the shadowling in the clouds and the shadowling left. "Thank starclan" Mico sighed and glided back to the ground. "Ah, nothing's here" Mico said, looking around the blocky terrain. "Perfect". Mico started running to a forest but something stopped xer. "Wait, what am I doing?! I have to kill the Shadow King! I- I have to do something!" Mico looked around panickedly, trying to think of what to do.