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The Celestial Kingdoms

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This world contains the Kingdom of the Brightened Sun and the Kingdom of the Shadowed Moon, two opposed forces in the midst of a war for the survival of the entire world.

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High fantasy

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The Sun and Moon kingdoms are the two most powerful and influential kingdoms in the known world. They live under heavy influence of the gods, Lukant and Icne. These two gods are fighting over the fate of humanity; Lukant wants to destroy and remake them to be his servants, Icne wants to protect them. Astrice, the creation goddess, created everything, including humans, and killed hersef and imbued her spirit in the land so humanity would have access to magic, and have a say over their own fate.

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The Sun kingdom is the focus of Lukant's influence, and is controlled by him; the Moon Kingdom is the center of Icne's influence.

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Magic takes two main forms: whitefire and blackfrost, magical substances that can be manipulated to form shapes. Whitefire is a gas while blackfrost is a solid. There is a third type of magic, Astrice's essence, a clear liquid with healing properties, but knowledge of this is almost entirely lost outside of the neutral spirits. Runes are also an old forgotten art, and while it is still practiced not much is known about it, so many experiments end in disaster. Runes involve carving symbols into human skin to make some sort of connection with the Spirit World.

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Lukant's Mirror, capital the Sun kingdom. Icne's Garden, capital of the Moon kingdom.


The Light General, which focuses on Lorrehlyl for the most part.

This universe contains...
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group Sarha Thren Lorrehlyl's second in command and probably her closest friend.
group Rogan Karnenar Antagonist; Hero
group Gavrin Side Character; serves and protects Lorrehlyl for the purpose of bringing back Astrice.
group Lorrehlyl Hazen Protagonist

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