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Name - What is Lorrehlyl Hazen’s full name?

Lorrehlyl Hazen

Age - How old is Lorrehlyl Hazen?


Gender - What is Lorrehlyl Hazen’s gender?


Other names - What other aliases does Lorrehlyl Hazen go by?

Went by Lyl when she was younger.

Role - What is Lorrehlyl Hazen’s role in your story?



Peaceful evenings when no one is awake and the demons are weakest.


Asexual and aromantic

face Looks
Height - How tall is Lorrehlyl Hazen?


Hair Color - What color is Lorrehlyl Hazen’s hair?

Dark brown, almost black

Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Lorrehlyl Hazen have?

She has a rune carved into the skin of her right hand. It can never heal over all the way. Whenever Nijçs wants to get her attention, the scar bleeds, so she generally keeps a bandage and glove over that hand.

Body Type


Skin Tone

Dark brown

Race - What is Lorrehlyl Hazen’s race?

Human, half Sun native (South Asian) and half foreigner (white or East Asian?).

Eye Color - What is Lorrehlyl Hazen’s eye color?


Hair Style - How does Lorrehlyl Hazen style their hair?

Long and wavy-curly, sometimes in a ponytail.


A crisp uniform with a white shirt, black trousers and a singed black cape. The symbol of the Brightened Sun army is embroidered on her back.

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Talents - What talents does Lorrehlyl Hazen have?

Channeling and controlling lots of whitefire at one time.


The rune on her hand binds a demon named Nijçs to her, who torments her dreams and walks around as a hallucination. He encourages her extreme violence on the battlefield. Oh, and she just has general hallucinations about her childhood and her aunt speaking to her. Depression. Is suicidal at some point, although Nijçs stops her.

Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Lorrehlyl Hazen have?

Has never known a good night's sleep but can take a nap at a moment's notice. Has gotten used to ignoring things in the corner of her eye so surprisingly easy to sneak up on her if you look non-threatening.

Motivations - What motivates Lorrehlyl Hazen most?

For her whole life she hasn't really been able to do what she wants, so she kind of blindly does what her superiors want her to do. She wants to get free of Nijçs, although she has no clue how to go about that.

Flaws - What flaws does Lorrehlyl Hazen have?

Lives in her own mind, assumes everyone hates her or doesn't care until they prove otherwise, has a hard time caring for human suffering.

Dislikes, Hates, Prejudices, Pet Peeves

Absolutely hates her aunt, also dislikes the Kingdom of the Shadowed Moon, although that last one is less personal and more because she's a general in the war against them.

Hobbies - What hobbies does Lorrehlyl Hazen have?

She doesn't know what hobbies are :/


Despite being emotionally disconnected to others, she does care for people who show care to her. She will protect her friends, and when in her worst state of mind responds exclusively to them.

Magical abilities

She is a master of light magic, meaning she can channel whitefire, a part of Astrice's essence infused in the ground. She can also channel whitefire directly from Hell, which makes her far more powerful than the average mage. Can materialize magic animals, giant tentacles to grab people, and a variety of weapons out of whitefire.

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Favorite food - What is Lorrehlyl Hazen’s favorite food?

(noncommittal grunting sounds) Idk

Languages Spoken

The language of the Celestial Kingdoms.

Favorite animal - What is Lorrehlyl Hazen’s favorite animal?

Sparrows, birds in general.

Favorite weapon - What is Lorrehlyl Hazen’s favorite weapon?

Magic. Competent at swordplay, but since magic swords are so light she wouldn't be highly effective with a normal one.

Favorite color - What is Lorrehlyl Hazen’s favorite color?

Would answer black and white after a moment of consideration.

Occupation - What is Lorrehlyl Hazen’s occupation?

A mage-general in the army of the Kingdom of the Brightened Sun.

Politics - What politics does Lorrehlyl Hazen have?

A general in the army of the Kingdom of the Brightened Sun. Could be fairly influential if she wanted to be. Nearly murders the queen at one point.

Religion - What religion does Lorrehlyl Hazen practice?

Basic mythology of the universe. Puts more trust in the goddess Astrice despite technically serving the god Lukant, since Lukant is absolutely terrible.

info History
Education - What is Lorrehlyl Hazen’s level of education?

Mostly magical, although the mage-colonel who took care of her in her teenage years made sure she had passable practical education.


Her parents disappeared when she was very young, and she was raised by her mother's sister at the edge of the Sun Kingdom. Her aunt taught her in light magic, and was also mentally and physically abusive; Lorrehlyl still hallucinates her aunt lecturing her or getting angry. She ran away at 14 and was found by a mage-colonel after being caught for using unusually powerful magic on city guards. He sort of adopted her and put her in the army, where she remained until present day. He wasn't as cruel, but he trained her to follow orders and become a weapon, reinforcing her past trauma. At some point she picks up a friend in Gavrin, a neutral spirit that can shape-change into mammals and birds.


She isn't sure; her aunt never told her much about the circumstances of her birth, but she knows her parents met in a port city.

Birthday - When is Lorrehlyl Hazen’s birthday?

Don't know how the calendar works in this world, so I can't say.

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Pets - What pets does Lorrehlyl Hazen have?



Unknown; a foreigner from overseas.


Unknown; from the Sun Kingdom.

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