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Name - What is Rogan Karnenar’s full name?

Rogan Karnenar

Age - How old is Rogan Karnenar?


Gender - What is Rogan Karnenar’s gender?


Other names - What other aliases does Rogan Karnenar go by?

Moon kid (derogatory)

Role - What is Rogan Karnenar’s role in your story?

Antagonist; Hero


Full moons because he's basic. Soft things.



face Looks
Height - How tall is Rogan Karnenar?


Hair Color - What color is Rogan Karnenar’s hair?


Body Type

Athletic I guess

Skin Tone


Race - What is Rogan Karnenar’s race?

Human, Moon kingdom native

Eye Color - What is Rogan Karnenar’s eye color?

Cornflower blue

Hair Style - How does Rogan Karnenar style their hair?

Trying to grow it out to tie back in a little tail, but it's not quite long enough. A little sliver in front of his face is braided; it was done by one of his sisters, and is a reminder of his family.


Uniform mostly

Weight - How much does Rogan Karnenar weigh?

Average weight, a bit on the higher end

fingerprint Nature
Talents - What talents does Rogan Karnenar have?

Braiding. Making people feel happier.

Motivations - What motivates Rogan Karnenar most?

Winning the war with as little loss of life as possible.

Flaws - What flaws does Rogan Karnenar have?

He's too trusting. He has trouble following orders sometimes since he grew up giving them. Overall, a mediocre soldier but a good fighter.

Dislikes, Hates, Prejudices, Pet Peeves

The Sun kingdom, although not personally. He tries to be open minded. Doesn't like rain.


Compassionate, bold, risk-taking. Optimistic.

Magical abilities

He is a master of dark magic, meaning he can channel black frost, a part of Astrice's essence infused in the ground.
He is average in power level compared to other mages, but has superior training and great skill for complex creations. Can materialize magic animals, giant tentacles to grab people, and a variety of weapons out of blackfrost.

groups Social
Languages Spoken

Language of the Celestial Kingdoms.

Favorite animal - What is Rogan Karnenar’s favorite animal?

Dogs, horses.

Favorite weapon - What is Rogan Karnenar’s favorite weapon?

Blackfrost sword and spear.

Favorite color - What is Rogan Karnenar’s favorite color?

Pink, yellow, blue.

Religion - What religion does Rogan Karnenar practice?

Basic mythology of the universe. Believes in Icne, the goddess of the Kingdom of the Shadowed Moon.

info History
Education - What is Rogan Karnenar’s level of education?

A rich nobleman's education, and intensive magical training since he was 15.


Second eldest of six of the king of the Moon Kingdom. Trained specifically in dark magic to counteract and hopefully kill General Hazen. He can't quite rival her in power, but he is skilled, and can distract her to give the rest of the army a chance.

device_hub Family
Pets - What pets does Rogan Karnenar have?

Back home, a dog named Mystic, a parrot, and two cockatiels.


The king.


The queen.

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