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Name - What is Gavrin’s full name?


Age - How old is Gavrin?


Gender - What is Gavrin’s gender?


Role - What is Gavrin’s role in your story?

Side Character; serves and protects Lorrehlyl for the purpose of bringing back Astrice.



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Race - What is Gavrin’s race?

Neutral Spirit

fingerprint Nature
Motivations - What motivates Gavrin most?

Wants to bring back Astrice, the goddess who created everything.

Magical abilities

Can change into any mammal or bird he knows about. Can channel small amounts of whitefire or blackfrost, more powerful with Astrice's pure essence, also has runic knowledge

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Favorite food - What is Gavrin’s favorite food?

He finds having to eat generally a nuisance. Secretly loves pie.

Favorite animal - What is Gavrin’s favorite animal?

Usually takes the form of a tiger. Speaks in raven form, becomes a bear when Lorrehlyl needs comforting or to be kindly restrained. Only becomes a human if absolutely necessary, like for the delicacy required in carving runes.

Occupation - What is Gavrin’s occupation?

Working with a group of neutral spirits to bring back Astrice, the creation goddess.

Politics - What politics does Gavrin have?

In terms of politics between the gods, on Astrice's side. Wants humanity to survive but doesn't really want to fight their battles for them.

Religion - What religion does Gavrin practice?

Worships Astrice, generally wants humanity to survive but only for her sake.

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