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A planet far, far away from earth with five moons. Has one main continent with a large island a little off the coast of it, and many more islands scattered about.

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History - What is Henaterra ’s history?

On the main continent, there is a plethora of countries. Long ago, the kings of these countries thought that the magical creatures were to powerful, and might try to overthrow them. So they took all of the dragons, faeries, elves, and any other creatures of magic, and put them on an island that was heavily fortified to keep them from getting out. Eventually this island was forgotten by the kingdoms, and the kingdoms forgotten by the islands inhabitants. The creatures of magic made their own kingdom: Astras, ruled by the dragons. There is both a monarchy and a democracy in Astras, a King and Queen rule mostly, and Councillors help them make decisions. The Councillors are voted in office by the citizens. There is one Councillor for each element. Currently the Queen of Astras is Galaxy Starfall, the King is Tenebris Starfall, Councillor of Earth is Thyme Blossomleaf, Councillor of Sand is Aernea Stonemover, Councillor of Electricity is Mica Thunderstruck, Councillor of Wind is Windra Zephyrbringer, Councillor of Fire is Flame Hearthfire, Councillor of Water is Lacus Riverwave, and Councillor of Ice is Blizzard Frozendrift.

Origin - How did Henaterra originate?

Astras is pretty much a LEGO Elves fan fiction world, while the main continent of the world is a bunch of kingdoms full of OCs of mine and my sisters that I lumped together in one world.

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Laws of Physics - What are the laws of physics like in Henaterra ?

I don't feel like writing this out.

Magic System - What is the magic system like in Henaterra ?

There are many different types of magic. Dragons and elves have Elemental Magic, meaning that they can control one of 9 elements: Earth, water, Fire, air, sand/stone, shadow, Star, lightning, or snow. Faeries have magic called mirage: They can change what someone sees. For example, a faery could make it seem like they didn’t have wings. There are also wizards, who use spells and potions to do magic. Lastly, there are a few sea witches. They have magic in their blood that allows them to enchant items and, occasionally, people.

Technology - What is the level of technology like in Henaterra ?

Henaterra has more medival technology. In Astras, people use magic Crystals to power some things, but it isn’t nearly as advanced as our world.

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Lots and lots of magic.

Inspiration - What were your major sources of inspiration for Henaterra ?

Ideas for Henaterra were mostly things that my sister and I came up with. The princesses of Valla, Nerida’s crew, were both things that she and I came up with. Astras kind of started out as a LEGO Elves fan fiction I guess. It was based off of that, but took its own turn. Astras was originally called The Dragon Mountains, and was a subset of Elevendale. I eventually separated the two, creating a totally separate kingdom.

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group Characters close
group Evelynne Kethsinai
group Leander Moir
group Anwyn Moir
group Aideen Raev
group Ivory Icedrift
group Wynter Starfall
group Poison Ivy Shadowvine
group Charleyson Raev
group Celosia Raev
group Leysa Raev
group Flint Raev
group Eiraseye Stonemover
group Slate Stonemover
group Amara
group Silas Raev
group Spark Thunderstruck
group Lux DarkShine
group Luna Starfall
group Bramble Shadowvine
group Magma Smokeblaze
group Nova Starfall
group Oak Leafvine
group Clea Gustbringer
group Thyme Blossomleaf
group Abyss Nameless
group Lympha Seabringer
group Riptide Stormbringer
group Azuria Oceancaller
group Ocean Seafall
group Pearl Seafall
group ClearShine of Havensky
group Manta Oceangiver
group Dolphia Oceangiver
group Sapphire Wavebringer
group The Silver Sorceress
group Basil Hearthvine
group Cinder Hearthvine
group Serafina Royalwing
group Snowflake Frozendrift
group Stella Starfall
group Wintergreen Nameless
group Icicle Frozendrift
group Cyclone Gustblow
group Sparrow Windcaller
group Azure Wavebringer
group Tide Wavebringer
group Spirit Wavecaller
group Asher Flamecaller
group Hawthorne Shadowvine
group Altum Wavebreaker
group Nyx Iceshade
group Frost Iceshade
group Adrastus of Calea
group Vanta Darkcaller
group Phillip of Valla
group Titan Darkshatter
group Adamina of Valla
group Althaia of Valla
group Amadrya of Valla
group Alida of Valla
group Rowan of Volca
group Opal Thunderfall
group Larua Darkshatter
group Ashula of Valla
group Midnight Shadowheart
group Ember Hearthfire
group Breeze Windblossom
group Bolt Thunderfall
group Abrina of Valla
group Alexandra Kethsinai
group Skyanna Windblossom
group Amara of Beldia
group Ventus Breezecaller
group Granite Stonemover
group Avyanna of Valla
group Aramis of Valla
group Oyester Seafall
group MorningDawn of Havensky
group Swordfish Seafall
group Orca Seafall
group Dove Cloudchaser
group Drystan of Volca
group Ayla of Calea
group Tanith of Pleian
group Windra Breezecaller
group Alastair of Caspa
group Adeena of Caspa
group Iska Windmaker
group Ebony ShadowRunner
group Jade Sunslayer
group Poppy Hearthvine
group Daisy Blossomvine
group Maple Blossomvine
group Tidal Oceangiver
group Chamomile Blossomleaf
group Marine Wavebringer
group Clara Shadowsun
group Crystal Thunderfall
group Tenebris Starfall
group Mira Seafall

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terrain Locations close
terrain Vemica Empire A large empire expanding over most of the Continent of Vemica.
terrain The Moors Wide, open plains on the South-western part of Astras. Right next to the mountains. This is where most of Astras' fields are.
terrain Elurra City of SNow
terrain Treetop Village A village in the western forests of Astras that has buildings in the trees.
terrain Amethyst Manor The a Thunderfall family home. Built a small ways away from Celestium.
terrain Celestium Capital city of the dragon mountains. Home to Star Palace, where the Royal Family lives.
terrain Carthanis A small-ish kingdom in the Vemica Empire.
terrain Vemica Empire An empire located on the continent of Vemica. Consists of 14 different kingdoms.
terrain The Crystal Caverns A large expanse of caves and tunnels under the mountains filled with magic crystals. Many mines are around here, as the crystals are an essential part of Astrian life.
terrain Tonitrua City of Lightning
terrain Cytisus City of Earth
terrain Vastilas City of Stone
terrain Aecon City of Water
terrain Astras A very diverse country with elves, dragons, faeries, goblins, and many other creatures.
terrain Raindrop Village A small village near the coast of Astras, slightly north of Celestial City. Main population is water, wind, and electric dragons, but there are some elves too.
terrain Henaterra The main continent of the world of Henaterra. Kind of your typical fantasy world.
terrain Seafall Mill The Seafall Family Mill, run by Swordfish Seafall.
terrain Reef Village A village for water dragons and elves built inside of a coral reef
terrain Breeze Windblossom Memorial Library Sky's Library named in honor of her mother.
terrain Valla Good-sized kingdom on the northern part of the main continent.
terrain The Floating Isles Floating Islands in the northern part of Astras.
terrain Erratica Major Port City
terrain Calor City of Fire
terrain Caelum City of Wind

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emoji_events Items close
emoji_events Bringers of the Past 2 cuff-like bracelets that connect the wearer to their ancestors.
emoji_events Elemental Crystals The 9 gems that are responsible for all elemental power in Astras.
emoji_events The Sword of the Sun A sword that was once owned by the first Guardian of Light.
emoji_events Amulet of Shadows A necklace that allows the wearer to turn invisible.
emoji_events Moon Seers 3 pale crystals with a hint of pink and teal in them. Look vaguely like opals.
emoji_events Golden Tear A necklace that gives the wearer the ability to have another familiar, that being Kaelea Moir in the form of a white hare.
emoji_events Guild of the Oracle Necklace A necklace that is given to any member of the Guild of the Oracle. Is enchanted so that whoever's wearing it will have an undying loyalty to the Guild.
emoji_events The Amulets of Light Two necklaces owned by Breeze Windblossom and Clara Shadowsun. Given to them by their parents, the amulets strengthen their powers.
emoji_events The Crown of Constellations It is a Crown that each queen of Astras wears. Gifted to them on their coronation, the crown refuses for anyone else except the Queen wear it.
emoji_events Book of Relics A very, very old and large book bound in black leather. Holds information about many of the relics in Astras and in other parts of the world
emoji_events The Night Jewel Black crystal in the shape of a diamond that it flecked with a rainbow of colors.

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pets Creatures close
pets Elves
pets Serpents
pets Goblins
pets Sorcerers
pets Griffins
pets Pegasi Horses with wings and colorful manes with the ability to manipulate the weather.
pets Kelpie
pets Copy Cat
pets Spirit Guides
pets Merfolk
pets Faeries Creature very close to humans but with wings and magic called mirage.
pets Dragons Large, scaly creatures with 4 legs and 2 or 4 wings who can control an element.

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