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Name - What is this universe's name?

Time and Infinity

Description - How would you describe Time and Infinity?

Contains an unnamed planet with the Cloud Lands, Floating Islands, Taal, and an abandoned larger continent.

Genre - What genre best describes Time and Infinity?

High fantasy

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History - What is Time and Infinity’s history?

There's an elaborate timeline somewhere...

Origin - How did Time and Infinity originate?

The Cloud Lands was created by the Divine Star, the goddess worshipped by the creatures there. The Floating Islands was raised by mages from Taal a long time ago. More recently, a strange disaster destroyed all human civilizations on the mainland.

Inspiration - What were your major sources of inspiration for Time and Infinity?

The threads of this world have existed in my mind for as long as I can remember. Once I created the Spirit Lynx, everything began to fall into place, and it became a solid story.

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Magic System - What is the magic system like in Time and Infinity?

So...this is all great, but none of it is even remotely cannon anymore, so...I'll just leave it here for future ideas.

In this world, the air contains magic, and some creatures can harness it. Some plants have magic, and a few animals do too. Sentient beings sometimes are born with a natural affinity for magic and those without it can learn. Plants with magic, like trees, are a constant source. They use it, and produce it too. That’s where all the magic in the air comes from. Some sentient beings imbue non-living objects with magic. These will eventually run out if their stores are not replenished. The size of the object, as well as the materiel it is made of, determine how much magic it can hold. Organic things can hold more magic, and how much time passed since it ceased to live also is a factor. For example, a freshly cut log will hold more magic then a same size wooden log that was cut years ago. Plants and animals can also be imbued, but animals have to be willing. Some things can become magical magnets, attracting it in waves, but not sucking it in. There are also different types of magic. Elemental magic, the power to harness the magical elements(Fire, Water, Wind, Electricity, Earth/Stone, Light, and Shadow) is one, as well as Life magic, the ability to imbue things and to ‘talk’ to plants and animals.

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This universe contains...
19 characters reorder
group Characters close
group Spiriting River Main character
group Rising Ingry
group Aju Pieper Main character's dead adopted mother. Wow, Lorreth has no luck; her real AND her adopted parents are dead.
group Glowing Dream Major authority figure, leader of the Caretakers and member of the Lynx Council.
group Sashay Rune Swy Main character
group Golden Glimmmer Main character
group Glitter Moon Main Character
group Rohl Swy Main character
group Cliff Frayn Main character's son
group Leaf Glow Background character; Spirit's mother
group Adrack Soff Lorreth's best friend, although he is missing for most of the book
group Gregory Frayn Main character, love interest
group Fortune Rune Sashay and Rohl’s daughter.
group Scorppo Main character
group Sparkling Creek Background character; member of The Council.
group Tiak Main character
group Lorreth Krio Main character
group Nightmare Skip Background character; Glitter Moon’s father
group Trickling Brook Background character; Glitter Moon’s mother.

6 locations reorder
terrain Locations close
terrain Caldin’s Caldera It is the homeland of the few humans in the Cloud Lands, so named after its founder.
terrain Gacker River It is a large river that ends in a waterfall, going all the way down to the grounder’s lands. It is where all the species of the Cloud Lands come together in peace, to trade and talk.
terrain Starry Valley Starry Valley is the place in the Cloud Lands where the Spirit Lynx live.
terrain Smokewood Mansion Sashay’s mansion located on her private island, next to her dragonkin habitat.
terrain Poison Woods The forest is very thick, with a lot of caves and holes deeper in.
terrain Feather Heights It is a massive mountain, with many peaks and caves and cliffs all around it. It is where the Pegasi dwell.

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