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Name - What is Aju Pieper’s full name?

Aju Pieper

Age - How old is Aju Pieper?


Gender - What is Aju Pieper’s gender?


Role - What is Aju Pieper’s role in your story?

Main character's dead adopted mother. Wow, Lorreth has no luck; her real AND her adopted parents are dead.


? Nepotism?



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Height - How tall is Aju Pieper?


Hair Color - What color is Aju Pieper’s hair?


Body Type


Skin Tone

Extremely dark

Race - What is Aju Pieper’s race?

Calderan human

Eye Color - What is Aju Pieper’s eye color?

Random eye color generator says... BLUE

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Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Aju Pieper have?

Doesn't like bright colors, always keeps the windows covered so she works in the dark.

Flaws - What flaws does Aju Pieper have?

Promoted her adopted daughter to captain and later fourth commander in an outstanding display of favoritism. Other than that, she's not too bad.


Inspiring leader, the kind of person who becomes a martyr and inspires everyone to be better. Extremely caring, but doesn't come off that way until you get to know her.

Magical abilities


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Languages Spoken

Calderan Draconic, Lanhar

Occupation - What is Aju Pieper’s occupation?

First Commander of the Sharp Stone Clan

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Pets - What pets does Aju Pieper have?

None :(





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