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Name - What is Gacker River’s full name?

Gacker River

Description - Describe Gacker River.

It is a large river that ends in a waterfall, going all the way down to the grounder’s lands. It is where all the species of the Cloud Lands come together in peace, to trade and talk.

face Culture
Language - What languages are spoken in Gacker River?

Lanhese was the language created so all the species could talk to one another, but individuals will talk in their native language when interacting with their own species.

Population - What is Gacker River’s population?

Gacker River is populated by many different species, including Scorpons, Pegasi, Fae, Humans, and other minor cultures.

Currency - What currencies are used in Gacker River?

Cken is the universal currency that everything is turned into for trading at Gacker River.

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Located at - Where is Gacker River located?

It is roughly the center of the Cloud Lands, and everything else is placed in relation to it.

Crops - What crops does Gacker River produce?

It grows a little bit of everything.

Climate - What is the climate like in Gacker River?

It is surprisingly warm for the Cloud Lands.

book History
Founding Story - How was Gacker River founded?

After a handful of important wars, the river was designated as a place where the cultures could coexist and trade peacefully.

Notable Wars - What notable wars has Gacker River been involved in?

The Alicorn War, which ended in the Pegasi moving to Feather Heights, leaving the riverside much more empty, and then later the Scorpon War, which placed it in Scorpon control until they eventually made a treaty with the other races so that no one race could control the river.

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