Cordelia Norwood


Princess of Alchester
(Major Character, Ignis)





Other names

Princess Cordelia

Full Name

Cordelia Marian Norwood


Homoromantic Demisexual

Hair Color

Dirty blonde, though more brown than blonde

Identifying Marks

Two prominent scars on her abdomen. One is a long, jagged diagonal gash from a sword and the other a smaller one from an arrow.

Body Type

Tall and slender, with some muscle

Skin Tone

Light with freckles


1/4 fae, 3/4 human

Eye Color


Facial Hair


Hair Style

Long and thin, usually tied back in twin braids






Talented swordfighter, as well as a gifted strategist.


To protect her secret and serve her kingdom


Loyal to a fault, almost always puts her duty as heir apparent before her own happiness, ruthless in a fight, vengeful if angered, self-doubtful. She second-guesses almost every decision that she makes, and deals with a lot of anxiety and paranoia due to fear of her secret being exposed, especially after she starts to talk to Queen Mab.


Against the fae initially, but grows to be fond of them. Also against the aristocrats, since she thinks they are constantly judging her.


Practice, practice, practice. She's almost always working to better her combat abilities, although she does also play chess.

Personality type

Cordelia seems to be the golden-girl 'ideal' for a ruler, even being the chosen heir over her older brother. She struggles with the duty of the crown, especially due to her hand in the death of her uncle Varian, which she deeply regrets but can't quite bring herself to feel overly sorry for, since if she hadn't killed him, her father would've killed her. She is constantly in fear of being found out, both for her part in her uncle's murder, and her spontaneous and difficult to control telekinetic magic, which manifested when Arthur Nest used enchanted water from the Pond of Ignis to heal her near-fatal wounds from the Battle of Vesper's Creek. One to put loyalty and honor above her own well-being, Cordelia is afraid of being nothing more than a pawn in her own kingdom, and is yet unprepared for the limelight of the throne. A bit solitary, she tends to keep to herself, mainly due to fear of her secrets being uncovered. Cordelia does not anger easily, but when she's upset, she's nearly unstoppable between her telekinetic magic and her skill with a sword. She's also surprisingly ruthless when it comes to protecting her secret or her family; she does not always hesitate to kill, especially when she feels that she's been backed into a corner.



Favorite possession

Her iron pendant

Lovers (Current and Past)

Gabriel Norwood (older half-brother)
Christopher Norwood (younger half-brother)
Eleanor Norwood (younger half-sister)
George Norwood (younger half-brother)

Closest Friend

Gabriel Norwood (when they were younger, they've grown apart as they've aged)

Favorite animal

Any birds

Favorite weapon

Her sword

Favorite food


Favorite color



Princess of Norwood


Against the fae, but is more on the side of building defenses than actively fighting them.


  • Cordelia's voice is generally quite soft; in fact, it's usually reedy and strained when she yells.

  • Her sword is called Lament, and she was gifted it by her father after killing her uncle.

  • If Cordelia had not nearly been killed and then resurrected by Arthur Nest's vial of water from the Pond, her faery gifts would have been nearly unnoticeable. However, the power granted by the water jolts what would otherwise have been very weak telekinesis into a power she struggles to control.

  • She's closest with Gabriel out of all of her siblings, and even then she doesn't consider him to be that good of a friend to her. He's more of a constant presence that sometimes offers her kindness.

  • She owns two sets of armor. One is mostly leather, and the other is a mix of bronze and iron with a bit of gold.

  • If she's in sustained contact with iron touching her skin, she begins to sneeze. While annoying, she's grateful that it's not a burn the way full-Fae would have.

  • After the story ends, Cordelia stops going by Cordelia Norwood and starts going as Cordelia Rasken to honor her birth mother.

  • She loathes the fact that she's the heir, due in part to knowing how upset that fact makes Gabriel. While she's more or less resigned herself to eventually being queen, she feels very unprepared, especially since she spent her late teens and early twenties in the military as opposed to learning about her subjects.

  • She can lie, which is very fortunate for her.

  • Her first girlfriend, a soldier named Millie Lena, died in the same battle that Cordelia nearly died in. She swore off of romance after that, a fact that didn't change for years.

  • Her ability to communicate with Queen Mab was also prompted by the healing water. It's easiest for her to see Mab when she's meditating or otherwise calm, but she is capable of calling upon her while in danger or upset.


Cordelia is the second child and firstborn daughter of King Phillip Norwood. She impressed her parents (particularly her father) with her skills in leadership, especially compared to her more combat-oriented older brother, and was chosen as heir apparent. In order to gain her father's full support in this, she was forced to kill his adopted brother, Prince Varian, who Phillip resented for marrying the woman he wanted. Cordelia deeply regrets killing Varian, but is forced to keep it a secret, else she will be executed for treason and risk the throne falling to her cruel older brother. Unbeknownst to everyone, Cordelia is the daughter of King Phillip and Princess Sylvia Norwood, the wife of his brother. The king had a brief fling with her before setting off on a yearlong expedition, allowing for Sylvia to give birth in secret and pass the baby off as Queen Julia's. Though the king doesn't know of her true mother, he assumed she was the bastard of Varian and Julia, hence his special attention to her every move and forced killing of Varian.
Cordelia was gifted Lament in exchange for her part in the murder, and sent off to join Gabriel Norwood on the battlefield. Cordelia threw herself into her training, but was near-fatally injured in the Battle of Vesper's Creek when a faery archer shot her from afar. In the brief time before she regathered her composure, another one stabbed her. Luckily for her, Arthur Nest, the king's herald, happened to be nearby, and saved her using his vial of healing water from the Pond. This revival triggered her latent telekinetic magic, which soon grew unpredictable. Cordelia began to isolate herself and to talk secretly with Mab from her dream-like state to learn how to control it.


September 25th


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