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Name - What is Eleanor Norwood’s full name?

Eleanor Norwood

Role - What is Eleanor Norwood’s role in your story?

The Runaway Princess

Age - How old is Eleanor Norwood?


Gender - What is Eleanor Norwood’s gender?


Full Name

Eleanor Miranda Norwood

Other names - What other aliases does Eleanor Norwood go by?

Ellie, Princess Eleanor


Ellie Knoll


Brandish Your Iron and Ash

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First Name Meaning

Shining Light

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Middle Name


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Surname Meaning

Northern Woods

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face Looks
Race - What is Eleanor Norwood’s race?


Body Type

Fairly short, a bit chubby, curvy

Weight - How much does Eleanor Norwood weigh?

Above average

Skin Tone

Light with some freckles

Height - How tall is Eleanor Norwood?


Hair Color - What color is Eleanor Norwood’s hair?

Strawberry blonde

Eye Color - What is Eleanor Norwood’s eye color?


Hair Style - How does Eleanor Norwood style their hair?

Usually pulled into a low bun or braided

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Eleanor Norwood have?


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Personality type - What personality type is Eleanor Norwood?

Eleanor seems a little standoffish at first, but once you get to know her, she's very sweet and loving. Even though she isn't too experienced with life outside of the palace, she tries to understand the struggles of others. Although Eleanor is the second youngest of King Phillip's children, she has more expectations placed on her shoulders than her younger brother, Prince George, due to her being one of two princesses.

Motivations - What motivates Eleanor Norwood most?

To have a life outside of being a spare.

Flaws - What flaws does Eleanor Norwood have?

Naive, often accidentally insensitive and selfish, tends to be overemotional.

Prejudices - What prejudices does Eleanor Norwood have?

Against the fae

groups Social
Favorite possession - What is Eleanor Norwood’s favorite possession?

Her iron necklace

Lovers (Current and Past)

Jamie Knoll


Gabriel Norwood (older brother)
Cordelia Norwood (older half-sister)
Christopher Norwood (older brother)
George Norwood (younger brother)

Favorite or Associated Animal


Favorite weapon - What is Eleanor Norwood’s favorite weapon?

Her dagger

Occupation - What is Eleanor Norwood’s occupation?


Favorite or Associated Color


Favorite food - What is Eleanor Norwood’s favorite food?


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Background - What is Eleanor Norwood’s background?

The second youngest of King Phillip's surviving children, Eleanor often spends her time in the royal gardens or with Jamie Knoll, the court jester. At age seventeen, Eleanor falls ill due to an accidental poisoning, prompting Christopher Norwood and Arthur Nest to travel to Ignis to find her a cure. At eighteen, Eleanor is outed by her younger brother George Norwood as being in a relationship with Jamie Knoll. King Phillip is enraged at this, and Christopher manages to smuggle her and Jamie out of the palace.

Birthday - When is Eleanor Norwood’s birthday?

February 14th


Phillip and Julia Norwood

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