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Name - What is Sylvia Pascal’s full name?

Sylvia Pascal

Role - What is Sylvia Pascal’s role in your story?

The Forced Queen

Age - How old is Sylvia Pascal?


Gender - What is Sylvia Pascal’s gender?

Cisgender woman (she/her)

Full Name

Sylvia Lucy Pascal

Other names - What other aliases does Sylvia Pascal go by?

Lady Sylvia


Brandish Your Iron and Ash

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First Name Meaning

From the Forest

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Middle Name


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Race - What is Sylvia Pascal’s race?

1/2 human, 1/2 fae

Body Type

Short and slender

Weight - How much does Sylvia Pascal weigh?


Skin Tone


Height - How tall is Sylvia Pascal?


Hair Color - What color is Sylvia Pascal’s hair?

Dark brown

Eye Color - What is Sylvia Pascal’s eye color?


Hair Style - How does Sylvia Pascal style their hair?

Long and wavy, loose

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Sylvia Pascal have?


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Personality type - What personality type is Sylvia Pascal?

Sylvia is very ambitious and cunning. She is aware of King Phillip's attraction to her but does not reciprocate it. She is very loyal to her husband and her friends, and plays the role of a demure, unassuming noblewoman to protect them.

Motivations - What motivates Sylvia Pascal most?

To keep her daughter safe

Flaws - What flaws does Sylvia Pascal have?

Defensive, plays the role of a quiet, demure noblewoman.

Prejudices - What prejudices does Sylvia Pascal have?

Against the fae

groups Social
Closest Friend

Julia Norwood

Lovers (Current and Past)

Valerian Norwood


Cordelia Norwood (daughter)

Favorite or Associated Animal

Snow leopards

Favorite weapon - What is Sylvia Pascal’s favorite weapon?

Her dagger

Occupation - What is Sylvia Pascal’s occupation?

Lady in Waiting to Julia Norwood

Favorite or Associated Color

Dark purple

Favorite food - What is Sylvia Pascal’s favorite food?


info History
Background - What is Sylvia Pascal’s background?

Sylvia caught the eye of Valerian Norwood who, after courting her, proposed. They got married and Sylvia moved into the palace, where she was reunited with her friend Julia Pascal (now Julia Norwood). She also caught the eye of Phillip Norwood, the crown prince and Julia's husband, who made frequent advances on her. She ignored them for the most part, but ended up being pressured into an affair with him, during which she became pregnant with Cordelia. She hid the pregnancy as best she could (Phillip happened to be on a campaign at the time) and passed the baby off as Julia's when he returned.

Birthday - When is Sylvia Pascal’s birthday?

January 13th

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Art image credit to the Girl Maker Picrew by Ummmmandy, it's amazing and I highly recommend it!

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