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Name - What is Arthur Nest’s full name?

Arthur Nest

Role - What is Arthur Nest’s role in your story?

The Herald

Age - How old is Arthur Nest?


Gender - What is Arthur Nest’s gender?


Full Name

Arthur Theodore Nest

Other names - What other aliases does Arthur Nest go by?



Brandish Your Iron and Ash

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Gift of God

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Race - What is Arthur Nest’s race?


Body Type

Tall and lanky

Weight - How much does Arthur Nest weigh?

A bit underweight

Skin Tone

Light with some freckles

Height - How tall is Arthur Nest?


Hair Color - What color is Arthur Nest’s hair?


Eye Color - What is Arthur Nest’s eye color?


Hair Style - How does Arthur Nest style their hair?

Shoulderblade length, wavy, usually in a ponytail

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Arthur Nest have?



Nearsighted, and wears wire-rimmed half-moon glasses

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Personality type - What personality type is Arthur Nest?

Arthur is shy and quiet, and quite uncomfortable talking to people he doesn't know. He's very devoted to his friends and his kingdom, travelling days in a row to aid in communications between villages and later courts. Arthur is very intelligent as well, and is set on absorbing as much information as he can. Chosen as the herald for the Norwood family, he is very close to the middle children and is fiercely loyal to them, though not necessarily the crown. He traveled with Christopher Norwood on the journey that led to Christopher selling his heart to the Fae, which ended their close friendship for many years. Before that trade, the two had been nearly inseparable. He sees himself as little more than a tool to further the good of the kingdom.

Skills and Hobbies

Poetry, reading and writing

Motivations - What motivates Arthur Nest most?

To make a stable living

Hobbies - What hobbies does Arthur Nest have?

Writing and reading poetry, traveling with Christopher Norwood

Flaws - What flaws does Arthur Nest have?

Quiet, very introverted, awkward, determined to a fault. Extremely loyal to his loved ones, to the point of risking himself. Tends to see himself as dispensable.

Prejudices - What prejudices does Arthur Nest have?

Against the Fae, since they burned down the village he lived in, though it's less of a hatred and more of a distrust mixed with fascination

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Favorite possession - What is Arthur Nest’s favorite possession?

An iron ring he keeps on a pendant around his neck, along with his dark blue herald's cloak. He used to be in possession of a vial of enchanted water from the Pond, but he used it to save Cordelia Norwood's life when she was fatally wounded in battle.

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Favorite weapon - What is Arthur Nest’s favorite weapon?

Words and negotiations.

Occupation - What is Arthur Nest’s occupation?

Official herald and unofficial bookkeeper

Politics - What politics does Arthur Nest have?

Doesn't have a very firm stance on the kingdom's politics; he sees himself as a deliverer of policies rather than a developer. While he does initially distrust the Fae, he believes that King Phillip is far too harsh on them, and that they are to be watched from a distance rather than attacked.

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Background - What is Arthur Nest’s background?

Another one of the orphans left by the raid, Arthur Nest is taken in by an overbearing shopkeeper in Bassen and trained as his bookkeeper. King Phillip eventually notices his talent for memorization and note taking, and promotes him herald for his children at age 16. After traveling with Christopher Norwood on his trek into Ignis (where Christopher sold his heart to the fae), he was separated from his closest companion and sent off with Phillip's older children.

Birthday - When is Arthur Nest’s birthday?

April 14th

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