Louis Rennerman


The Agitator
(Major Character, Ignis)





Other names

Rennerman, Lou

Full Name

Louis Patrick Rennerman



Hair Color

Golden blonde, on the darker side


Louis suffered a bad break to his right ankle during the faery raids, and it never quite healed correctly. He walks with a heavy limp and a crutch due to this.

Identifying Marks

Walks with a heavy limp due to an ankle injury that didn't set right, usually uses a crutch to get around. Also tends to wear a grey newsboy cap.

Body Type

Fairly small and wiry

Skin Tone




Eye Color


Facial Hair


Hair Style

Long and straight, tied back in a low ponytail






To keep the humans (especially Jack) safe and ensure that the raids don't happen again. Also to try and plant the seeds of democracy in Alchester.


Rude, aggressive, occasionally all talk and no action, arrogant, braggart, very easily irritated, know-it-all, bitter, angry.


Initially against the fae, even more so than the others since he witness the raids firsthand and was old enough to remember them vividly, but works through that once he becomes more angry over the king's lack of respect for him and his city. He despises the royal family, especially King Phillip and Prince Gabriel, for their refusal to aid (or even lend money to) the rebuilding of Bassen after the raids.


Acts as a self-appointed protector of the remaining humans in his town, and helps some with self-defense. He also helps Trinity Delegard with her tavern (which he co-owns) and tries his best to raise Jack Bardel.

Personality type

Rennerman is loud and considered obnoxious by some, but gets some slack due to the fact that he witnessed the faery raids and was one of the oldest surviving children. Though he talks a big game and gets into some fights, his skills aren't nearly as great as he claims they are. He gets angry very easily, and is almost always ready to throw hands with someone. Despite that, he's fiercely loyal to his cause of protecting Bassen and its citizens, and is known for offering help to those who need it, whether that be through shelter, food, jobs, or dueling in their honor. He harbors a good deal of anger and resentment towards the Norwood family, particularly Prince Gabriel, due to their lack of action towards Bassen and their general disrespect towards him.

Favorite possession

His iron pendant

Favorite animal


Favorite weapon

His knife, which he is quick to brandish and slow to use

Favorite food

Any sort of soup

Favorite color

Greens and golds


Tavern owner/bartender


Something of an anarchist, Louis wants Alchester to reevaluate its status as an absolute monarchy, especially due to the king's lack of caring for the counties razed in the faery raids.


Louis Rennerman (or Rennerman, as he's usually called) was 16 when the faery raids happened, and attempted to take shelter with Cecily Bardel and her younger brother, Jack. Cecily took an arrow to the back while locking Jack and Louis in the shelter, and they were trapped there for two days before other survivors helped them out. Louis suffered a severe break to his ankle during the fall into the cellar, and it never fully healed. He went on to rebuild the county of Bassen as best he could, and acted as leader (being among the oldest of the survivors). He met Trinity Delegard, a young woman from Spera, and the two become fast friends. He also met Carter Roe, who dreamed of an adventure beyond Bassen; Darlene Mayfield, a former prostitute who was recovering from a toxic relationship; and Arthur Nest, a shy bookkeeper who later became the herald to the king, as well as Jack Bardel, who Louis attempted to raise. Alec Mortimer served as a mentor to Louis, before falling ill and dying, leaving him with his tavern to take care of.


July 28th


Lottie, a street cat that lives in his tavern.


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