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Name - What is Trinity Delegard’s full name?

Trinity Delegard

Role - What is Trinity Delegard’s role in your story?

The Anchor

Age - How old is Trinity Delegard?


Gender - What is Trinity Delegard’s gender?

Cisgender woman (she/her)

Full Name

Trinity Grace Delegard

Other names - What other aliases does Trinity Delegard go by?



Brandish Your Iron and Ash

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face Looks
Race - What is Trinity Delegard’s race?


Body Type

Fairly short, stocky, broad shoulders with wide hips, curvy

Weight - How much does Trinity Delegard weigh?

Above average

Skin Tone

Medium brown with warm undertones and freckles

Height - How tall is Trinity Delegard?


Hair Color - What color is Trinity Delegard’s hair?

Dark brown

Eye Color - What is Trinity Delegard’s eye color?


Hair Style - How does Trinity Delegard style their hair?

Shoulder length and wavy

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Trinity Delegard have?


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Personality type - What personality type is Trinity Delegard?

Trinity is a fierce but sweet woman with a wary edge to her. She's a survivor and will stop at nothing to keep going and achieve what she wants. A longtime friend of Louis Rennerman, she manages the restaurant with a steady hand.

Skills and Hobbies

Knife throwing, quick witted, good at negotiating

Motivations - What motivates Trinity Delegard most?

To keep her town safe

Hobbies - What hobbies does Trinity Delegard have?

Practicing with her knives, renting out books to read

Flaws - What flaws does Trinity Delegard have?

Easily irritated, tends to snap at people when angry, has a very take-no-nonsense attitude, and is loyal to a fault.

Prejudices - What prejudices does Trinity Delegard have?

Against the fae and against sleazy human men

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Favorite possession - What is Trinity Delegard’s favorite possession?

An iron ring from her grandmother that she keeps on a string around her neck

Favorite or Associated Animal


Favorite weapon - What is Trinity Delegard’s favorite weapon?

Her twin knives

Occupation - What is Trinity Delegard’s occupation?


Favorite or Associated Color

Dark blue

Favorite food - What is Trinity Delegard’s favorite food?

Fresh bread

info History
Background - What is Trinity Delegard’s background?

Another orphan of Bassen, Trinity fell in with Louis Rennerman's plans to rebuild the town. She serves as the owner of a tavern and restaurant, and as the anchor of the group of survivors that they have built.

Birthday - When is Trinity Delegard’s birthday?

November 11th

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