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Name - What is Carter Roe’s full name?

Carter Roe

Role - What is Carter Roe’s role in your story?

The So-Called Scoundrel

Age - How old is Carter Roe?


Gender - What is Carter Roe’s gender?


Full Name

Carter John Roe

Other names - What other aliases does Carter Roe go by?



Brandish Your Iron and Ash

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First Name Meaning

Cart Maker or Driver

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Middle Name


Middle Name Meaning

God is Gracious

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face Looks
Race - What is Carter Roe’s race?


Body Type

Tall and muscular

Weight - How much does Carter Roe weigh?


Skin Tone

Tan, naturally and from his time spent outside

Height - How tall is Carter Roe?


Hair Color - What color is Carter Roe’s hair?

Medium brown

Eye Color - What is Carter Roe’s eye color?


Hair Style - How does Carter Roe style their hair?

Shoulder length, worn in a ponytail

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Carter Roe have?

5 o'clock shadow

Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Carter Roe have?

Has a small gold earring in his right ear, and wears an iron ring on a pendant around his neck.

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Personality type - What personality type is Carter Roe?

Carter is charismatic and quick to jump to conclusions, as well as to actions. He doesn't tend to think before he speaks or acts, and has a remarkable ability to be in the wrong place at the wring time. Though he can be grating in large doses, Carter is loyal and protective of those he loves.

Skills and Hobbies

Good in hand-to-hand combat, can hold his own in just about anything, very charming.

Motivations - What motivates Carter Roe most?

To thrive

Hobbies - What hobbies does Carter Roe have?

Helping Trinity Delegard at her bar, protecting the young war orphans

Flaws - What flaws does Carter Roe have?

Irritating, rude, brash, reckless, does not think before he speaks or acts, immature.

Prejudices - What prejudices does Carter Roe have?

Against the fae, since they razed his hometown

groups Social
Favorite possession - What is Carter Roe’s favorite possession?

His iron ring, the only thing left of his parents

Favorite or Associated Animal


Favorite weapon - What is Carter Roe’s favorite weapon?

His fists, but he also has a knife

Favorite or Associated Color


Favorite food - What is Carter Roe’s favorite food?

Anything he can outdrink someone by drinking

info History
Background - What is Carter Roe’s background?

Carter's home was destroyed when the fae razed several towns in their fighting. Unlike Arthur and Trinity, Carter was never able to find stable employment. Rumors circulated that he was a prostitute, others believe he just has a tendency to sleep around. Carter refused to confirm or deny either of those rumors. He then found a job at Trinity Delegard's tavern, where he continued working until he met Ophelia Carinter and was forced into her travels along with Arthur and Trinity. Forms an unlikely bond with Lady Lavinia Grey after freeing her from captivity.

Birthday - When is Carter Roe’s birthday?

June 13th

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