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Name - What is Fallon’s full name?


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Main character

face Looks

His ears are both pierced, and he usually wears a metal dragon cuff.

Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Fallon have?

Sharp, pointed, monolid eyes, dimples on each cheek.

Body Type

Slight muscles, thin

Skin Tone

Very light

Race - What is Fallon’s race?


Eye Color - What is Fallon’s eye color?

Forest green

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Fallon have?


Hair Style - How does Fallon style their hair?

Curly, fluffy, and short

Hair Color - What color is Fallon’s hair?

Dark brown

Height - How tall is Fallon?


Weight - How much does Fallon weigh?

180 pounds

fingerprint Nature

Depression, Chronophobia

Personality type - What personality type is Fallon?


Personality description

Somewhere between the biggest asshole you've ever met, and a traumatized boy who just wants the best for his loved ones.
He's honest, comedic, loyal, often shy, but can be a really good friend if you get to know him. Too good, in fact. He's prone to get attached to people very easily, and cannot handle loss. The very thought of it is eating him alive. He quickly becomes overprotective, knowing he's going to outlive you and wanting to keep you around as long as physically possible. He bottles away emotion, scared if he's seen as vulnerable then people could hurt him, or worse, his loved ones. He's angry and aggressive, will go out of his way to cause harm to those he sees as a threat, whether they've done anything wrong or not. His crippling fear of time's passing makes him more and more toxic, more aggressive, more suicidal- and he doesn't seem to realize that in his desperate attempt to keep people safe, he's only hurt them more.

Hobbies - What hobbies does Fallon have?

He can be pretty creative, often expressing it through small-scale woodworking projects, as well as wood-burning and leather tooling. He also made his own wrist cuff and wants to dabble more in jewelry-crafting, though he hasn't gotten very far.

Talents - What talents does Fallon have?

Skilled pyrotechnic, logical thinker, and reasonably strong, in a physical sense.

Prejudices - What prejudices does Fallon have?

pretty much the entire general population. oh and Aquila

Flaws - What flaws does Fallon have?

Most of these have already been mentioned in his personality description, but for a more tidy, convenient list:

Easily attached

Motivations - What motivates Fallon most?

Keeping the ones he loves alive. After that, he's aimless. He wants to improve at his hobbies, pursue his career, maybe find a life partner, and he'd love to volunteer more at animal rescues, but he's reached a point where none of those old goals matter to him.

Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Fallon have?

Tends to grind his teeth, twirl pens and pencils with his fingers, and breathe heavily between sentences.

Sexual Orientation


groups Social
Favorite animal - What is Fallon’s favorite animal?

He kinda just has a soft spot for all baby animals. and baby humans even.

Favorite possession - What is Fallon’s favorite possession?

A crumpled-up crayon drawing from his little brother.

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date_range History
Current Residence

A relatively small, two-floor stone cottage placed on the side of a mountain, with rocks leading down to a laketop city below.

Background - What is Fallon’s background?

He's had a very comfortable life so far, a stable, loving family, a good education, a nice house, a few lost friends and family members but nothing too tragic, just enough to put him in crippling fear of when everything will fall apart.

Education - What is Fallon’s level of education?

College graduate, Majoring in physics, with a minor in mathematics. Enjoys researching the history of certain languages, but can only speak one, and doesn't have any higher education for it.

Birthday - When is Fallon’s birthday?

April 14th

device_hub Family
Other Relatives

His grandma Eimear

Pets - What pets does Fallon have?

Currently just the family cat, although I'm planning on switching it to a fantasy creature of sorts once I have the time to design one. possibly with wings

shopping_basket Inventory
bubble_chart Magic

Healing magic:

One of the rarest abilities out there, as it doesn't seem to be genetic like the others. His body's sense of healing is sped up to unreasonable amounts, eventually preventing him from aging or catching illnesses, as well as making him completely immune to death from physical wounds, no matter the severity. Severed limbs melt back into place, gunshots barely make a dent, and even being blown into thousands of pieces won't matter as they'll simply reattach to each other. However, this doesn't mean he can't feel everything that happens to him, his pain sensors are still the same as anyone else's.

He can still technically die if something is able to shut down his systems otherwise. Suffocation, starvation, dehydration, or certain types of poison are all capable of killing him, but otherwise, he's practically immortal.

He's also capable of healing others, but to a very reduced extent, and so he feels the need to constantly be around his loved ones in hopes he can keep them safe, and the pressure of this, combined with the physical pain from the wounds he heals and the knowledge that he can't save everyone, has destroyed his mental state.

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