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face Looks

She has a few freckles scattered along her nose, and a small butterfly tattoo near her wrist.

Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Aquila have?

Large, upturned nose with a defined bridge, and cartoonishly round, expressive eyes.

Body Type

Exaggerated pear, aka large hips small shoulders

Skin Tone

Medium with peach undertones

Race - What is Aquila’s race?


Eye Color - What is Aquila’s eye color?

Crystal blue

Hair Style - How does Aquila style their hair?

Short pigtails with yellow, butterfly-shaped bows

Hair Color - What color is Aquila’s hair?

Light pink

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Weight - How much does Aquila weigh?

112 pounds

fingerprint Nature

ADHD, Autism (both modeled vaguely off my own experiences), and minor arachnophobia.

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Personality description

She's quite optimistic, animated, empathetic, and outgoing, but also a total airhead at times, and doesn't seem to recognize it. Has no sense of stranger danger, acts spontaneously, is a bit cocky, and yet quite emotionally sensitive, and will cry at anything resembling rejection. She's been isolated her whole life so she's quite naive when it comes to the world around her, but her desire for adventure will put that to the test pretty soon.
She's the type of friend to bully you gently out of love, probably sees herself as "quirky", and does not pass up a good competition.


Reminds me of Kim Mi-So/MISO, sometimes a little squeaky or annoying, but very sharp, has a bit of a cuteness to it.

Hobbies - What hobbies does Aquila have?

Mainly listening to music, she's tried to learn many different instruments but none of them seem to stick. She's not afraid to dance, although I wouldn't say she's good at it, she swims often, dreams of traveling, and cracks a lot of jokes, some more... appropriate than others.

Her special interest at the moment is the supernatural, she loves to research ghost hunting and all the stories she can get her hands on. Though she hardly reads much else, the library is one of her favorite places to go.

If she were in modern times, I feel like she'd really enjoy being a DJ of sorts, it just seems to fit her personality well-

Talents - What talents does Aquila have?

She's very good at multitasking, charming people, and has an almost picture-perfect memory. More of a jack-of-all-trades than someone with many specific talents.

Flaws - What flaws does Aquila have?

For a convenient list:


Motivations - What motivates Aquila most?

Cliche as it is, she wants nothing more than to get out of the house, as she's only ever lived a sheltered, comfortable life in her small, isolated mountain town. She doesn't know where she'd go or what to do, she just wants to see what it's like past the cliffs, meet new people, try new foods, experience the same things that the people around her have known their whole lives.

Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Aquila have?

Walks on her toes, fidgets with clothing when listening to people, repeatedly taps surfaces, and often makes odd clicking noises with her tongue when bored.

Sexual Orientation

No canon orientation, as I don't think she needs one. ship her with whoever, or no one, or herself, I don't really care, it's all valid

groups Social
Job - What job does Aquila have?

Unemployed, tends to take up small, odd jobs around town instead of committing to just one thing. Some of her common tasks include delivering mail, setting up events, picking vegetables for the neighbors, house-sitting, and things most people could potentially do, but are too occupied for.

Favorite animal - What is Aquila’s favorite animal?

Dragons. No, they aren't real, but that doesn't phase her.

Favorite food - What is Aquila’s favorite food?


Favorite color - What is Aquila’s favorite color?

Teal blues, pastels



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Illusions, she can perform little mind tricks to make people see things that aren’t there. It’s not the strongest, making something consistent requires a lot of focus which is not really her best quality, but it’s enough for cool party tricks and the occasional disguise. If really needed it could blind someone for a short bit of time, but it can’t cause any real damage.

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i'm trying my best-

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