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Doll's Core

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The heart of a Doll. It is the center and source of a Doll's power, gaining even more power through the consumption of human souls.

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Cores have multiple appearances and are made of various materials, such as wood, stone, crystal, flesh, metal, etc. They usually have the appearance of a human heart. Despite looking easily perishable, cores are indestructible. The materials it is made up of symbolize the Doll it belongs to.

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Cores are originally human hearts that have been dried up of blood and mutated to give "life" to Dolls. They can only be destroyed with a Soul Art or be eaten, the former applies only to the Death Doll. Cores are the center of a Doll's power. Through consumption of human souls, the core gains more power and the Doll becomes even stronger as a result.

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