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"Basil Hallward would treat anyone better than this," Eva says from her desk. Orion probably didn't mean for her to hear that, but she has unfortunately good hearing. "That's why he ended up getting killed by Dorian. The man had no standards."


Meanwhile, while there was a game of Minecraft and most of the class bonding, Brie was on her laptop, earbuds in and not a care in the world. Her sketchbook was on her lap, held by one hand, a pencil in the other. She was honestly surprised that no one was bothering her, seeing as she was wearing a full-on Kokichi Ouma cosplay, but she didn't mind. Maybe, for the first time in years, she wouldn't be bullied, and maybe she'd make friends.


"What in the world is happening? I leave for- I don't know how long I was gone, but I come back to this?" Vulcan clicked their tongue. "Minecraft huh? You guys find anything interesting yet?"

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I stand and make my way to the front of the classroom.
"Listen up!! The teachers obviously not coming, so I will take her place! So, just to piss you off, let's all sit in a circle a say our favourite colour, our favourite animal, and one fun fact!"
The class groans
"I'll go first! I'm Seeba, my favourite colour is mint green, my favourite animal is the otter, and a fun fact about me is that rabbit that may be a terrorist! Alright, whos next?"

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"Oi, Mosis!" She grins as Mosis takes out his PC from his bag. "Nice to see you breaking the rules."
"That's stupid Seeba. But then again, I'm not surprised."


"I'm a teacher here… I'd appreciate if you all would sit down. Sweet Loki the amount of chaos in this room…" Gently setting down a few textbooks, Vulcan turns their attention to the class. "Sit."

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I stair at Wednesday But then see the teacher. I quickly put my hood on, Close my laptop and shove it in my bag. "Sometimes good boys break the rules." I chuckle, Running out of the class to get back to mine.

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"Right, how silly of me. My apologies oh great Seeba." She leaned forward and frowned at Vulcan. "Aw, come on. Let us have our fun. Even teachers need a break from their annoying students, right? This could be like a day off for you. And if anyone comes looking for you, we can say you'll be right back."


"As much as I'd love a day off, I also love interacting with people. That's the best part of Psychology after all." They chuckle softly and settle down. "And you're more than welcome to have fun… after we get a few things done."


I am so late but hi

Name: Kevin Arthur
Role: Teacher because I can
Subject: Physics/Science (unless somebody else took this aaah so late)
Appearance: 5'11. Lank. Pale. Big smile. Bigger glasses. Uncontrolled brown/blond hair, please help?? Much dork. Kind of looks like the human incarnation of physics + library. Dresses nice but throws it all off with bizarre socks and tie. Axolotl socks, to be specific. (My favorite socks, honestly.)
Favourite subject: Not a fair question. :( I like them all. Probably physics and coding and English and science. :)
What kind of teacher are you? Eccentric and laid-back. To summarize? Will blow something up and say, "Oh, dear. That wasn't supposed to happen."
Friends: Pretty sure all my friends are here, honestly.


Name: It changes (we're a system) but call us Rexx, usually they/them/he/him

Role: Not actually a teacher but relieves or helps when needed, is actually an IT helper

Subject: Moves around

Appearance: Fluffy, short brown/copper hair, hazel eyes, slight freckles, 5'4 and upset about it, very thin. Wears denim jacket with pins and patches with gaming, gay jokes, pronouns, and autism symbols, a bracelet with current fronting alter name, black platform boots that add 3 inches to height, will occasionally cosplay to school and act dumb if anyone questions it

Personality: Very approachable, a massive nerd, sometimes a literal child, basically a student who doesn't do classes, just hangs out. Gets along with teachers and students and calls everyone, including teachers, by their first names

Favourite subject: Doesn't have one, prefers student-led clubs, if asked will claim it's 'theatre' with a wink and finger guns

What kind of teacher are you?: The one that knows everyone's names and hobbies and will talk with you about anything. Goes to all the GSA meetings. Acts like a child

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Name: Linn
Role: Student
Grade: Senior
Appearance: Short dirty blonde hair, small and gremlin-y, almost always in a sweatshirt and leggings or jeans
Personality: Crime bastard, a little mean, either super loud or extremely quiet at any given moment, will hyperfocus on anything at any random moment, probably knows how to murder you and maybe get away with it, constantly humming but tries to make it quiet so no one hears
Favourite subject: Psychology or band
What kind of student are you? Actually a pretty good student, but suspiciously failed senior year, doesn't really pay attention during class but gets good grades anyway
Friends: Y'all already know who you are

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"SHIT-" Cy yells, running through the classroom door and immediately ramming into a desk.
"OW, FRICK." She ends up laying on her stomach on top of the desk.
"Sorry I'm late y'all." she says without moving.