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"Tiny! Tiny! I will pick you up and spin you around like a little ragdoll! Little ragdoll baby!" Reed clapped their hands and stood up, bouncing a bit on their heels and waving their arms.

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Ash clasps their hands together in delight, beaming at Seeba. “At least we can both agree that Seeb is tiny! So small and cute, Seeb will receive many pats upon the head!”

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"Finally, I'm taller than someone," Zero looked at Seeba.


"I'm 5 foot 4 too!" Rexx called from the back of the room, swapping his black and red bracelet for a green and blue one. He skipped back up to the front of the room, jumped on a wheely chair, and span past Vulcan, saluting, saying "All handed out and correct, Vulcan!"

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Yume perked its head up at the conversation going on about height. "Ya'll have it good," it said, thrusting itself into the conversation. "I'm 4'9. Best believe I'm not living my best life."

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"I could fit you in my backpack, carry you everywhere. I'm 5'5." He smiled.

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Zero giggled and opened his backpack. "Yep, climb in. We're going backpacking in New Zealand."

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"Hell yeah!" Yume exclaimed before making an attempt to fit in the backpack. The attempt worked… to some extent. It didn't completely fit, but it fit just enough for the bit to be believable. "New Zealand, here we come!"