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Name: Cyborg (Cy for short, she/her)
Role: Student
Grade: 10
Appearance: Tiny; a little chubby, thick, curly strawberry-blond hair in a pixie cut; big cloudy blue eyes, dark under-eye bags; acne comes and goes; alternates between a white sweater w/ a red heart in the center, a blue sweater w/ a cloud pattern, and an Unus Annus hoodie; only ever wears jeans and old sneakers; polka dotted backpack, lots of pins; looks shy, actually wants to talk to just about anyone.
Favourite subject: Any acting class elective. English is fun too.
What kind of student are you? THEATRE KID! But, like, the shy-ish kind of theatre kid who's only loud once you get to know them. Also cannot sing, but can act for the gods.
Friends: @Love_Is_Love, looking to make new/more friends.


I've never rp'd so let's scuff this
Name: OwOen, they/them
Role: student
Grade: senior
Appearance: fucking gorgeous like always, we're talking irresistible in every aspect. No but just think basic skinny white boi with brown hair and that’s me. Giant hoodies and jackets and I always sit on my chair like a gremlin.
Favourite subject: stage tech or English
What kind of student are you? uhhh the one who will argue with the teacher over just about anything and everything, has loose friendships with a lot of people but no one really knows what I'm up too outside of school. Impresses teachers but does the absolute bare minimum. I'm the only one who doesn't get in trouble for having snacks during class and no one knows why.
Friends: I think you're all already here

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(only doing this because i was @ yesterday by @Mosis_Is_Not_Here, but mate deleted their post :( )

Name: Laffy Taffy or Wednesday (No Nickname :( )
Role: Student
Grade: 10th
Appearance: uhhhh, long brown messy hair, and green eyes with red glasses. I look American (apparently?? like how??) despite not being American. Owns very boring clothing and a very boring backpack. (I definitely don't carry a copy of the death note manga. definitely not.) The only interesting thing is the Harry Potter figurine keychain dangling from one of the zippers.
Favourite subject: L U N C H (but I mean, Spanish and Theatre is also nice)
What kind of student are you?: That one theatre kid who's semi quiet but also kinda sarcastic
Friends: @Mosis_Is_Not_Here, @Luna_Lily, @Wren-is-on-drugs, @SwimwithGamers_is_married_to_Iris_now,
@Stroylia-Knight, @Mere_Hufflepuff, @MJs-in-the-7th-level-of-Kool-Aid-Hell

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(FUCK i forgot about notebook, if i don't show up for a long time i'm just like skipping class or smth. pretend i got caught with alc or smth i don't care)

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(I'm trying to decide if I should be a chaotic student who's intentionally flunked senior year in order to graduate with their friends or a teacher that all the mentally ill queer kids develop an unhealthy attachment to immediately but isn't actually a good teacher)