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"You got McQueen's knees, Ash." MJ states as she glances at Ash, trying and failing miserably to hide the shock on her face. She shrugs, attempting to brush off the situation by bending down and peeling three slightly trampled chicken mcnuggets from the ground to hand Kirke and throw at Seeba. "Here you are."

@Seeba groupINKC President

I scoff the nuggets like I haven't eaten in days, tow curling sucking fills the room.

"If miss doesn't turn up in 15 minutes we're legally allowed to leave."

@Seeba groupINKC President

"Aw yeah,"
I begin to pull an entire streaming set up for my 25 cm 2010 littlest pet shop Easter show bag,,
"Lets farm some primes

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Name: Mosis; Nicknames: M, Bbh (Obvi why)
Role: Student
Grade: 9th
Appearance: Your typical 9th grader at 5'6. Has brownish-black hair and usually wears black jeans and a gray or blue hoody. Pale skin (rarely tans), Has clear and black glasses
Favorite subject: Art, Writing, Theater.
What kind of student are you?: Nerdy As hell (Yet always comes to school late), You piss me off your going to on the ground within a minute. As you know bad boy halo, he Hates cursing and always yells "[Insert name here], LANGUAGE!"
Friends: @Laffy-Taffy-Is-Gay-For-Mayura @ZephirFox8812

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Orion walks in to see the chaos afoot. He is dehydrated with a bad headache, so he thinks nothing of it and sits down in the corner of the room trying to ignore the noise. “Basil Hallward would treat me better than this,” he grumbles, trying not to snap.