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This is dumb but hear me out.

This is sort of like an rp in a way, but no real rping (idk maybe one day).
Basically, we are now a high school.
You are either a student, teacher, counsellor or whatever custodian y'all have in your wack ass country (Australia supremacy).
Fairly simple, you put up a character sheet of yourself (ill link below) and you're enrolled!!
in the friend's section, make sure to @ your friends s everyone can enrol in our top tier education system here in Notebookville :)

Our principle is @andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer) for obvious reasons.

Anyway, I baggsy deranged art student

Grade: (if student)
Subject: (if teacher)
Favourite subject:
What kind of student are you? (theatre kid, jock, big titty goth gf)
What kind of teacher are you? (hip and cool, strict)

@ElderGodSeeba petsbing bing 🐸

Name: Holly (Seeba :))
Role: Student
Grade: 11th
Appearance: small, very small, little, even. blonde, green eyes, shirt that just has "Lets summon demons" printed across it, black jeans and shoes that are too big. Weird pattern of freckles across arm. bad overbite, bad bad. plain black bag, mum brought it for me :) always looks like im gonna cry.
Personality: Quiet, mostly sad. Build reputation as lil sad girl that sits in corner, too scared to change it. Good friend, a bit clingy. Love language touch but please dont touch me. ASD, trauma induced <3. likes musical soundtracks for some reason. really likes minecraft, block game fun
Favourite subject: Biology
What kind of student are you? looks like someone who overachieves but is so low on motivation I just sit there and think. Weird art kid with an obsession with hospitals and medicine but not smart enough to be doctor
Friends: @fluvoxamine @Ash-is-en-route-to-Kool-Aid-Hell @Toxic_Persephone

@requiemisback language

Name: yume

Role: student

Grade: 10th

Appearance: tiny little friend girl. tiny. 4'9 kind of tiny. short, shoulder-length split-dye hair (the side on my left is black, and the side on my right is red). commonly found wearing band tees/anime tees with a skirt of some sort with fishnets. also platforms. for eyes, one of them varies in color because it's glass, and the other is a deep green with a tinge of hazel in the center.

Personality: very much "out there" but also quite shut-in. primarily finds joy in anime like jojo's bizarre adventure and dr stone, as well as kids shows like steven universe and miraculous ladybug and such. somewhat shy until anime comes up in a conversation.

Favourite subject: art

What kind of student are you?: big tiddy goth gf but add a bit of theater kid in the mix

Friends: @txzunas_ @oliver___ @nebula__ @andromeda

@andromeda language

Name: andromeda

Role: student

Grade: 10th

Appearance: tall. a little too tall maybe ?? im like 6ft tall at best. short strawberry blonde hair with brown roots (dyed it recently). usually wears oversized clothes in various pastel colors. def the cutesy type. dark brown eyes all da way babey

Personality: very shy at first , but when opening up , is actually an extreme goofball.

Favourite subject: creative writing

What kind of student are you?: that weirdly chaotic friend baby who has a weird obsession with shiny things and mechanical pencils

Friends: @_toxin @nebula__ @oliver___

Deleted user

name: zero

role: student

grade: 9th

appearance: *unfortunately short, bright green hair on top, my sides are shaved and showing my natural hair colour, black. typically in revealing clothing or baggy pants and hoodie(there's no inbetween) brown and green eyes. *

personality: kind of obnoxious but in a friendly way. people tend to think i'm the quiet kid sterotype, but i usually carry stuffies with me and i'm usually pretty nice

favourite subject: 3d art

what kid of student are you: the kind that genuinely thought homework was a joke. no folders or notebooks, just crammed papers in my bag. found in the props room in the theater wing instead of math class

friends: @croccin-champagne (they're the only person on here i ever actually talk to fhsdkfh)


Name: Brie (Kokichi Ouma works, too)

Role: Student

Grade: 10th (going into that after summer, soo…)

Appearance: Short, about 5'2", fluffy brown-hair at neck length, usually in BTS or Danganronpa shirts and leggings. If allowed, will occasionally show up in Danganronpa cosplay, wig and everything.

Personality: Generally kind and caring, introverted, cold to most due to a hatred of socializing, intelligent, dramatic,
easily excited, though also easily annoyed,

Favorite subject: I'm weird, but all.

What kind of student are you: Simultaneously the one with near perfect grades who thinks a B is failing, theatre kid, one who couldn't care less and always has earbuds in, that one that people always bully (based off my actual experience), and that one who has so much free time that she brings her Nintendo Switch, 3DS, and sketchbook to school.

Friends: None that are active enough to be in this. (I'll try tagging my gf again when she edits her username)


Name: croc

Role: student

Grade: none. weird kid who graduated/dropped out/ no one knows that hangs around with students they knew

Appearance: hot. freckle, best sense of style. great makeup

Favourite subject: passing period

What kind of student are you? realistically? kinda popular kid. idk someone decide for me

Friends: @tungsten @Headed-Straight-For-Kool-Aid-Hell @kirky @RaiseALittleKoolAidHell @Moxie @Althalosian-is-Neville @radio-store-cowboy @Kevin-Arthur-is-Gentleman @Icefire @Ash-is-en-route-to-Kool-Aid-Hell

@tungsten fastfood

(i suppose I'm legally obligated to do this)

Name: Tungsten (or emi or emu idkfkkfk)
Role: tired
Grade: senior
Appearance: messy band kid with fluffy hair but smells good so it's okay I guess. wears flannels too much and tank tops. angry. I'll hit you. fuck you. PAY ME.
Favourite subject: chemistry and english
What kind of student are you? kid in band, dumb but smart and just wants to work alone. leave me alone lmfao. i like music and I'm part of a lot of band related things. this one time, at band camp–
Friends: @croccin-champagne, @Headed-Straight-For-Kool-Aid-Hell, @Ash-is-en-route-to-Kool-Aid-Hell, @RaiseALittleKoolAidHell, @Icefire, @Althalosian-is-Neville, @literal-goblin me I'm my friend

@HighPockets group

Name: Eva and/or Jynnie
Role: Student
Grade: Senior (I'm a junior for another two and a half days but I REFUSE to acknowledge it-)
Appearance: Average height, glasses, brown hair in a bob, resting bitch face, idk lol
Favourite subject: Legal studies, creative writing, gothic literature, American history-
What kind of student are you?: Burned-out gifted kid now clinging to the remnants of feeling smart. Also lowkey theatre kid
Friends: @Headed-Straight-For-Kool-Aid-Hell @tungsten @croccin-champagne @Althalosian-is-Neville @The-N-U-T-Cracker @Icefire @Moxie @kirky @RedTheLoveless @gay-superhell @Ash-is-en-route-to-Kool-Aid-Hell @berlioz


Name: Ice
Role: Student
Grade: Senior
Appearance: Short, 5' tall. Golden blonde hair. Blue-grey eyes. T-shirts and jeans and painted tennis shoes.
Favourite subject: English and History
What kind of student are you?: Theater (kinda). History nerd. Maybe popular?? (In as much as I know a lot of people lmao)
Friends: @croccin-champagne @RaiseALittleKoolAidHell @Headed-Straight-For-Kool-Aid-Hell @gay-superhell @gay-frog @callycat @frances uh many more that I cannot remember rn

@SpookyScarySnoteleks group

Name: Ash

Role: Student

Grade: 10th

Appearance: Average height, thin, hair is always short and wildly colored, that one kid whose style literally changes from day to day, can and will wear a neutral-colored oversized sweater and jeans one day, and a rainbow shirt with a skirt and rainbow knee socks the next day but always dresses generally gay, sometimes shows up in a toned-down cosplay also brown eyes and scars on arms and legs legs from falling off bikes and picking at bug bites(the eyes are only on my face unfortunately)

Personality: Dirty crime boi, I love fire, honestly kinda clingy but if you actually stick around I'm fun to be around. Art and puns are my passion, I have a problem when it comes to iced tea, fictional pirates and Minecraft men, apparently I'm a good hugger? Sometimes I love hugs, sometimes I don't, also I like music and vlog gun™

Favorite Subject: lunch

What kind of student are you? That one kid who's either drawing and tuning everyone out or causing chaos with their friends but somehow gets okay grades in most classes, was the gifted kid in elementary school and now has problems staying motivated

Friends: @Seeba @croccin-champagne @Althalosian-is-Neville @RaiseALittleKoolAidHell @Headed-Straight-For-Kool-Aid-Hell @kirky @Icefire @moss @literal-goblin @MJs-in-the-7th-level-of-Kool-Aid-Hell @Becfromthedead @tungsten @fromunderhill

@larcenistarsonist group

wasn't @/ed but I'll do this anyways because why the hell not

Name: MJ (michael jackson)

Role: student

Grade: sophomore (10th)

Appearance: tiny, angry brunette with resting bitch face who wears doc martens, leather jackets, and band tshirts. grey/blue eyes, straight ha hair, looks pissed 24/7 but is usually just contemplating how to light the school on fire and get away with it. lots of pins on backpacks. might show up with a live snake wrapped around my neck like a scarf, who knows.

Personality: Usually pretty quiet, but y'know if the opportunity for chaos arises, I can and will take it. Starts up controversial arguments just for the sake of watching the class tear itself apart. Memes a lot. Not afraid to socialize but usually doesn't. Always thinkin bout crime. And arson. Has started multiple fires in the science labs.

Favourite subject: D E B A T E (but y'know history and english are neat too)

What kind of student are you?: the Quiet Kid™ (but also angry debate child and the kid who gets perfect grades without studying ha near-photographic memory)

Friends: (disappointed that my wife @tungsten didn't @ me), @Ash-is-en-route-to-Kool-Aid-Hell, @Headed-Straight-For-Kool-Aid-Hell @RaiseALittleKoolAidHell @FreakyFraust @SwimwithGamers_is_married_to_Iris_now @Becfromthedead

@NotSoBeautifulDiseaster group

Name: Cam
Role: Student
Grade: 12
Appearance: Below average height, slimish, hair is usually straight, I used to get it done before the whole pandemic mess, brown skin, usually pimpled, hooded eyes, glasses
Favourite subject: Art, Culinary, Weightlifting (PE sucks tho)
What kind of student are you? Quiet kid, I once wore cat ears in middle school, weeb
Friends: Idk yet
What kind of student are you: Starts out with As at first, ends up with D but ends up passing, usually forgets to turn stuff in