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Name - What is The Dyad's name?

The Dyad

Description - How would you describe The Dyad?

The Dyad are a single being shared by two consciousnesses

  • Efy

  • Ema

Other Names - What other names is The Dyad known by?

The Old God

accessibility Appearance
Physical Description - How would you describe what The Dyad looks like physically?

They are described as pill shaped with two golden masks on opposite ends.

The more feminine presenting mask being Efy and the more masculine presenting mask being Ema.

Height - How tall is The Dyad?

The Seed's size vary depending on who they are addressing.

Weight - How much does The Dyad weigh?

They are both weightless and extremely heavy.

supervisor_account Family
thumbs_up_down Symbolism
Symbols - What symbols are commonly associated with The Dyad?

Birth, procreation, parenthood, neutrality and growth.

Elements - What elements are commonly associated with The Dyad?

No elements
They are the embodiment of neutrality.

grade Powers
Strengths - What are The Dyad's strengths?

They have the power of creation and destruction.

Weaknesses - What are The Dyad's weaknesses?

None that anyone knows of

Conditions - What conditions does The Dyad have?


date_range History
Notable Events - What notable events throughout history has The Dyad been a part of?

The Dyad created Ethera and the 7 guardian angels.

Family History - What is The Dyad's family history?

People consider the 7 guardian angels as their children, so in a way, they are family!

Life Story - What is The Dyad's life story?

No one knows where The Dyad came from. They are a mysterious deity.

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