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Soul Fragments

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6 incidents. 5 childhood friends. 1 ominous amulet.

Upon returning to her hometown with the hope of starting fresh, Sophie shortly meets her end by rescuing a girl. However, due to a ghost’s interference, she survives without a scratch and, unfortunately, without a soul.

In her quest to recover her soul, she uncovers more about the soul realm lurking under her town. Her efforts are aided by six people in the same situation.

Ava Hannibal, a wistful upperclassman who inherited the amulet

Charlie Rosatu, An injured classmate with the ability to survive any injury

Lucas Bates, A fellow club member who dabbled in the world of magic

Jax Shugio, Her aloof ex-boyfriend who is nearly invisible to ghosts

Matthew Thomas- Her gentle next-door neighbor with ghost-hunting experience

And Michael Kāne, As a result of an accident, her estranged younger brother can hear and see ghosts.

Upon completing the incidents, Sophie also becomes a person of interest in the ghost realm as well.

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Romance, Otome, Urban Fantasy, School Life, Coming of Age

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The soul is a person's life force when they live in a world where magic and logic intersect. After their bodies naturally expire, their souls must leave for the afterlife. However, what happens when they refuse to leave?
This is how ghosts are created, and their biggest capital is a suburban town named Fairmallow, which causes this human town to suffer strange supernatural events.

Even when these are small things like lost objects, when a few humans are using the amulet for their own gain, it disturbs the balance.

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Rule 1: Souls and ghosts can be harvested in magic

Rule 2: Ghosts are fragments of their old selves, meaning that their humanity is gone or reduced

Rule 3: People require souls to live

Rule 4: Ghosts entering the human world can cause issues such as possession, soul corruption, curse or even death

Rule 5: Ghosts are usually stuck due to deep regret, Humans aiding them, Soul Imprints, or avoiding the afterlife

Rule 6: Half-ghost are caused by ghost inference (examples: a failed possession, a ghost trying to pull a soul out, or Ectoplasm)

Rule 7: Half ghosts act as barriers to full ghost

Rule 8: Ghosts are either kept here by just refusing to move on, being caught by a human, hiding in an object, and consuming other souls

Rule 9: The subconscious and dreams are tied to the soul

Rule 10: Hollow (soulless people) can't get full, sleep and must feed on soul

Rule 11: Ghost typically work in packs

Rule 12: Soul and Ghosts are invisible to humans

|Soul elimination method #1: Destroying its support item

Soul elimination method #2: Helped them move on

Soul elimination method #3: Kill it with salt, silver, ectoplasm-cover weapon or overstraining

Soul elimination method #4: Magical beings can kill them to

Soul elimination method #5 Shooting it to the afterlife

Soul elimination method #6: Putting it in an empty shell

Soul elimination method #7 Absorbing it and making it a familiar

|Ghost levels:

Footprint Ghost: Low humanity level/ Low danger lever/Average difficultly level
(Example: Tsuyoi and Kikuchis)

Fragment: Low humanity level/ High danger lever/Average difficultly level
(Example: All the ghost in the Rabbit Arc, Alex's ghost)

Ghost- Mid humanity level/ Mid danger lever/Above-Average difficultly level
(Example: Colton, Hunter, Camille, Mavis, Markus, Duke)

Half-ghost- High humanity level/ Mid danger lever/High difficultly level
(Example: Lucas, Sophie)

Wandering ghost- High humanity level/ Mid danger lever/Average difficultly level
(Example: Tyler, Mason, Bonita, Valerie, Ava)

Mega ghost- Low humanity level/ High danger lever/High difficultly level

(Example: The necklace people)

|Soul powers


|Amulet powers

Soul boosting
Soul Commanding
Soul Cleaning
Soul Arms

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BreatharianismClairvoyanceClose encounterCold spotCrystal gazingConjurationCryptozoologyDemonic possessionDemonologyEctoplasmElectronic voice phenomenonExorcismExtrasensory perceptionForteanaFortune tellingGhost huntingIndigo childrenMagicMediumshipMiracleOccultOrbOuijaParanormal fictionParanormal televisionPrecognitionPreternaturalPsychicPsychic readingPsychokinesisPsychometryReincarnationRemote viewingRetrocognitionSpirit photographySpirit possessionSpirit worldSpiritualismStone TapeSupernaturalTelepathyTable-turningUfology

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group Annette Hannibal Minor character
group Hattie Crane
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group Pig
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group Mouse
group Hattie Crane Side Character
group Elijah Lillian Villian
group Hunter Lillian
group Fox Mask Ghost
group Ms. Dream
group Amerly Finn Antagonist, Reaper
group Markus Thomas
group Hasuko Rōtasu
group Stephe Kāne Minor Character
group Lucian Bates Minor Character
group Duke Millerstine Antagonist
group Alvis Kikuchi
group Otori Kikuchu
group Ongi Kikuchu
group Tsumi Kikuchu
group Tsuyoi Onna
group Jaelynn Corabot Helper, Researcher
group Matthew Thomas Main character, Love Interest
group Mavis Chester
group Drake Aserie
group Janice Shuǐguǒ
group Jacob Shuǐguǒ
group Alex Davis Antagonist, Parent, Ghost
group Sophie Kāne Heroine(MC)
group Mark Thomas
group Kelly Smith
group Margret Celeste Observer, Side Character
group William Crowworth
group Theo Kim Side character
group Skylar Aither
group Darnell Greigii Side character
group Cleo Kim Side character
group Alice Tengoku
group Skipper
group Mia Thomas
group Tori Torrent
group Terry Torrert
group Felix Widow
group Aaron Phillett Fragment, Antagonist
group Ava Hannible Main character
group Claire Lillian
group Noelle Akeldama
group Elise Centauri
group Mason Crane Background Character, Villian's Sidekick, Ghost, 1980's character
group Michael Kāne
group Lucas Bates Main character
group Camille Bates Antagonist
group Marionette Hannibal
group Insato Namae
group Charlie Rōtasu Main character/Love interest
group Gaki Kikuchi
group Colton Rōtasu Minor character
group Tyler Pingree
group Cein Rose
group Blevin Cresent
group Valerie Withomery
group Dawn Lycra
group Emma Smith
group Jane Shuǐguǒ
group Jaxon "Jax" Shuǐguǒ Main Character
group Bonita Reinfield Side character
group Elliott Centauri Side character

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terrain Room 1-3 A room tainted with grief, regret, and hatred. I was allegedly the site where multiple students took their lives due to nonstop bullying they suffered. No one dares to enter it in fear that it's ha...
terrain Wishing Building The place where the wishing well is
terrain Fairmallow A town near a magical barrier possesed by spirits, beasts and demons

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emoji_events Hanahaki Disease A soul-related infection that causes the victim to cough up or shed flowers
emoji_events Sheep Chapter One
emoji_events Cat Chapter 2
emoji_events Reaper Objects
emoji_events Alien Drug A mysterious drug that came to earth and was responsible for pollution around an area in [[Location-170307]], while it's been cleaned up, It has infected four children who luckily survived though i...
emoji_events Spirit Bond A accessory that turns souls, energy or power into magic

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