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Name - What is Julia Norwood’s full name?

Julia Norwood

Role - What is Julia Norwood’s role in your story?

The Queen

Age - How old is Julia Norwood?

Would be 46 if still alive, died at 36

Gender - What is Julia Norwood’s gender?


Full Name

Julia Adrienne Norwood (nee Rasken)

Other names - What other aliases does Julia Norwood go by?

Queen Julia, Julia Pascal (maiden name)


Brandish Your Iron and Ash


Died in the faery raids pre-story

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First Name


First Name Meaning


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Middle Name


Middle Name Meaning

Man From Adria

Middle Name Pronunciation



Norwood (Rasken)

Surname Meaning

Northern Woods (Loved)

Surname Pronunciation

Nor-wood (Rask-in)

face Looks
Race - What is Julia Norwood’s race?


Body Type

Tall and slender

Weight - How much does Julia Norwood weigh?


Skin Tone

Light with some freckles

Height - How tall is Julia Norwood?


Hair Color - What color is Julia Norwood’s hair?

Strawberry blonde

Eye Color - What is Julia Norwood’s eye color?


Hair Style - How does Julia Norwood style their hair?

Usually tied back in a bun

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Julia Norwood have?


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Personality type - What personality type is Julia Norwood?

Julia was a very sweet young woman when she met Phillip Norwood. She had a kind heart, but was very naive, even into adulthood, and Phillip's constant disregard for her feelings coupled with his interest in Sylvia Kasten (her best friend) made her constantly doubt herself and her love for him.

Motivations - What motivates Julia Norwood most?

To protect her kingdom

Flaws - What flaws does Julia Norwood have?

Fickle, envious, naive, lack of self-confidence

Prejudices - What prejudices does Julia Norwood have?

Against the fae

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Favorite possession - What is Julia Norwood’s favorite possession?

Her iron necklace

Closest Friend
Lovers (Current and Past)

Phillip Norwood

Favorite or Associated Animal


Favorite weapon - What is Julia Norwood’s favorite weapon?


Occupation - What is Julia Norwood’s occupation?

Queen of Alchester

Favorite or Associated Color


Favorite food - What is Julia Norwood’s favorite food?

Anything the palace chefs can cook up

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Birthday - When is Julia Norwood’s birthday?

June 7th

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