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Name - What is Ophelia Carinter’s full name?

Ophelia Carinter

Role - What is Ophelia Carinter’s role in your story?

The Pollyanna

Age - How old is Ophelia Carinter?


Gender - What is Ophelia Carinter’s gender?


Full Name

Ophelia May Carinter

Other names - What other aliases does Ophelia Carinter go by?

Phee, Miss Carinter, Little Flower (by Oleander)


Brandish Your Iron and Ash

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The Fifth Month

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Race - What is Ophelia Carinter’s race?


Body Type

Tall and lithe

Weight - How much does Ophelia Carinter weigh?

Average. Loses weight while in the Court of Darkness.

Skin Tone

Light with some freckles

Height - How tall is Ophelia Carinter?


Hair Color - What color is Ophelia Carinter’s hair?

Golden brown

Eye Color - What is Ophelia Carinter’s eye color?


Hair Style - How does Ophelia Carinter style their hair?

Long and wavy

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Ophelia Carinter have?



A bit scatterbrained after her enchantment, a common side effect.

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Personality type - What personality type is Ophelia Carinter?

Ophelia is shy and sweet, but can be excitable and outgoing when in the right company. She is naive and a hopeless romantic, two traits that leave her open to Oleander's manipulations. Later on, she is ruthless and volatile, yet still loving and sweet, and very determined. She pours her heart into everything she does, from her garden to her quest to get revenge on Oleander, and is quick to befriend the lonely and give them company. Once she gains her magic, it ties itself heavily to her emotions, which she has difficulty managing due to her abuse at Oleander's hands and her fear of being separated from her sisters forever.

Skills and Hobbies

Playing the flute, tree climbing, gardening

Motivations - What motivates Ophelia Carinter most?

To stay alive with her adopted sisters

Hobbies - What hobbies does Ophelia Carinter have?

Tree climbing, teaching the kids at her orphanage, planting flowers and foods to sell at the market.

Flaws - What flaws does Ophelia Carinter have?

Naive, impulsive, shy, easily distracted. Scatterbrained, emotionally volatile. Once she gains her magic, she has difficulty controlling it and it often flares up when she's feeling strong emotions.

Prejudices - What prejudices does Ophelia Carinter have?

None initially, but after the whole thing with Oleander happens, she's very wary around Fae


Gains the ability to control and create fire.

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Favorite possession - What is Ophelia Carinter’s favorite possession?

A small iron pendant

Lovers (Current and Past)

Vivian Carinter (adopted older sister)
Giana Carinter (adopted older sister)

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Favorite weapon - What is Ophelia Carinter’s favorite weapon?

She prefers to diffuse conflict verbally. Esther later gives her a dagger with the phrase "Bound No More" carved on the blade

Occupation - What is Ophelia Carinter’s occupation?

Sells the growth from her garden at the Vessa Market in Spero every few weeks.

Favorite or Associated Color

Pastel pinks and blues

Favorite food - What is Ophelia Carinter’s favorite food?


info History
Background - What is Ophelia Carinter’s background?

Adopted into the Carinter family, Ophelia and her two older sisters (Giana and Vivian, in that order) are orphaned when a plague sweeps through Vessa, their hometown in Spero. The three of them are taken in by Gertrude Denn, who gives them food and shelter in exchange for work. Ophelia takes up gardening, both to provide food for Gertrude and to sell the excess (and flowers) at the marker. She soon befriends and begins to fall for fellow orphan Lucas Granteir.
She catches Oleander's eye during one trip to the market, and he kidnaps her shortly after, taking her to the Court of Darkness.

Education - What is Ophelia Carinter’s level of education?

Fairly low, she can read and write, but lacks knowledge of science, mathematics, etc.

Birthday - When is Ophelia Carinter’s birthday?

June 16th

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